Friday, January 15, 2010

Question of the day....?

Yes or No?


Kristina P. said...

No. Honestly, it susprised me how many women still use tanning beds, having all the information we do about cancer. I used to tan in high school. I will just own my pastiness now.

Plus, there are a lot of great self-tanners out there now.

Heather said...

No way. While I feel it's a personal decision and wouldn't hold it against anyone who tans (I have close friends who do), I won't participate myself and honestly I think it's quite foolish.

Jewls said...

NO!! Those things lead to nasty leathery skin in later years...white is beautiful!

Mae Rae said...

no and no

wonder woman said...

No. Jergen's sunless tanner for this scandinavian gal, thankyouverymuch.

Natalie said...

I say NO! I am now buying expensive lotions and potions to get rid of the sun damage from my teens and twenties.

Sarah said...

Not a chance, haven't you heard, pale is the new tan! Not to mention that skin cancer runs in my family.

glittersmama said...

NO! What's wrong with being pasty white?

Pedaling said...

i'm olive skinned anyway,
so i can handle a little tanning bed now and then.
i will tan before an event like family pics or a wedding or something...but that's all.
i know it's not the best,
but, i have no freckles, moles, a fair amount of Italian blood and brown eyes...
when blonds or lighties tan it looks horrible anyway...

Chief said...

for hell sakes no..

you had to ask?


about me said...

YES!!!!and it looks like I am the only one
I am a tanner and it makes me feel good. I love the sun and the sun loves me
I am olive skin and my genes love the sun and long to be be sunned
Mostly I head to the bed because I need a nap and time out
in the bed I find the 10 minutes of solitude I can find no where else

I will keep my own breasts, lips, face, butt, and will not eat any red dye. I do not smoke, drink alcohol, soda or coffee and I hardly eat red meat any more.
I drive at the speed limit, wear a seat belt and stop for yellow lights.

I take no pills but vitamins and they are all natural

Don't you have to have one thing to keep you on the edge? This is mine and when I go -- they won't have to use any makeup on me-- tan
and guess what, I am already older and my skins looks like it looks
and I feel good
By the way M-- you really need to get up on your beds-- this one is way too out of date-- check my blog for the better beds that have zero burning rays

tammy said...

I used to have to in Jan/FEb when I lived in UT to get rid of the inversion blues. I haven't been in a tanning bed in years, but thought about it before our Lake Powell trip last summer. You're just getting a little color for your trip, right?

Vanessa said...

Have you seen my skin? I'm albino and I don't tan. I tried it once and broke out in a rash.

Besides, I already get precancerous/basal cell carcinomas taken off my body, I don't need to contribute to that anymore.

Plain Jame said...

I used to when I was a teen, AND I lived in the desert where the sun is so harsh. I have been off the sun for close to 10 years, but I can never undo what I did in my youth. I regret not taking better care of my skin when I was young. I'm going to look like I've been rode hard and put away wet prematurely.

The best ever sunless tanner is called Xen tan. Seriously it's the best. Go ahead, try it -

kado! said...

used to way back when...before I moved to Vegas...these have been my first couple of Winters having withdraws....I've thought about it...but prob will not do it any more...besides..beach season is right around the corner!!!!