Sunday, January 3, 2010

01/01/2010 - Returning with Honor

I was up at 5:00 and logged into my computer working on system stuff until almost 9. At which point, I said, that's it dude, I am done!

Cleaned the house, while Splenda hung up the awesome banner the Shark made for me. We then got the yellow bows tied on, and our BFF's the B's brought over a beautiful balloon bouquet.
Everything was coming together. We were showered and ready to go, just killing some time, when Splenda checked the airline website once more.
To our surprise, his flight was 25 minutes EARLY!!

I grabbed my poster and ran out the door. Splenda loaded the two brothers and was not too far behind me. Made calls to notify the few others that were also coming and was hoping that everyone would make it on time.

I got the bottom of the escalators where the incoming passengers end up (near the baggage claim) and began the wait. Patiently. Okay, not patiently, but I was holding it together pretty well.

The flight board noted that the plane was now on the ground. We positioned ourselves right at the bottom of the escalators with a perfect view to see him come around the corner and head right toward us.

Watching. Watching. More Watching. Here comes a couple of he there? No. Watching. Watching and still more watching. Splenda overhears another family who is also waiting say that they have missed the flight. I refuse to believe it. Splenda checks with the airlines. They refuse to give out any information.
I stand there still with my sign held up, just watching and the slow realization is coming over me that he isn't coming.

A gentleman approaches us and asks if we are waiting for a missionary from Chile. Yes, we are. So is he. He passes on the information that all 4 of them traveling together missed the flight. I looked at him and said, "No." He looked back at me and said, "Yes." Again, I looked at him, this time for emphasis, shook my head and said a little stronger, "NO". He didn't even blink when he repeated, "Yes."

My heart literally sunk. What the? He explained, AGAIN, that they all four missed the flight. One of the missionaries called their parents and assured us that they were on the next one which was due to land in about 45 minutes or so.

I slowly walked over to the chairs. Set my sign down and tried to pretend I was okay. The missionaries luggage had made the flight so Splenda and the boys headed over to the baggage carousel to find his bags. I decided I needed a diet coke.

We all sat around making small talk and checking our watches. Splenda, me, Tuffy, C, Grandma Sue and Grandpa John, Grandma Joy, and our BFFs, the B's. It helped to have them all there to make the time go by quickly. Soon, the board listed his flight as on the ground and we took up our positions again.

Already flashing gang signs

Moving in for a hug from BFF and "sister he never had". Tuffy, SB and JM watching

Hug from BFF DB and second Mom


Prolly asking for an explanation as to why HE didn't call when they missed the flight. He thought he didn't have any money. Totally forgot the hunert bucks he had hidden in his wallet from the day we dropped him off at the MTC.

Mi familia - yes my eyes are closed. What of it? I was happy for crying out loud!

More family

The hombres l-r: C, JM, Elder, GB, and Tuffy

My three sons!

Grandma Joy, Elder, Grandma Sue and Grandpa John (who he met for the first time)

BFF hug.

All of us! l-r: SB, DB, GB, JM, Grandma Joy, WB, Elder, Me, Splenda, C, Tuffy, Grandma Sue and Grandpa John (thanks kind stranger for taking the pic)

Introduced to Molly and his first glimpse of her

My boy. My SON! Finally home.

After 28 hours of travel, no sleep, very little to eat, no shower and no teeth brushed, he felt gross and exhausted. Plus he was a little worried about his long hair. His last cut in Chile was horrible so he decided he was going to just wait until he got home.

No matter to me, I thought he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!

Welcome home mijito!


Megan and Devin said...

Oh Melissa!! I'm sitting here at my computer all teary!! I watched the video...twice....and then again so Devin could see it. Tell him hello and welcome home from us!

Kristina P. said...

That is so exciting! I am thrilled for you.

Vanessa said...

Loved the video! It made me cry. And Splenda had to push you out of the way because you were bogarting your son!

So glad he is finally home!

glittersmama said...

I might have had a little wetness in my eyes too, but I usually try to deny those kinds of things.

Congratulations on having all of your babies together. Enjoy.

Pedaling said...

k- i did choke up there with that little video clip. now, that's what i call a hug!
so glad he's home; safe and sound...

tiburon said...

Suck! I totally teared up watching the video.

Let the man hug his son for crying out loud!

Scrappy Girl said...

What an awesome reunion...thanks for sharing with us!

Scrappy Girl said...

Ok...I had missed the video...cried on the keyboard for your happiness! So happy for you and your family!

Martha H. said...

Happy, happy day! Hooray for L being home. :)

tammy said...

Love love love the video!! Felt like I was right there with you. You're so stinking cute when you're excited. So happy for you!!!

Heather said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! This post (as well as the subsequent posts) are emanating with excitement and cheer that is basically impossible to read them and not receive an instant lift. Thanks for the lift today!

And you are dang cute all jumping up and down in that video.

Natalie said...

Ok. Still crying from the video. WOW!!! Amazing!!!!

Mae Rae said...

I cannot believe how much i just cried UNBELIEVABLE tears of joy for you. I was just jumping in my heart as you were jumping up and down in the video. I will say it again...YIPPEE! he's home!

kado! said...

I can feel your excitement thru the screen! I love the video! What a way to start off 2010!!!!!

CountessLaurie said...

Ahhh, the video did me in! All that joy is just wonderful! Everyone looks so happy!