Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday - TOSH style

I am super thankful for TOSH Orthopedics.  For reals. 
Not only did I get fixed up nice and right but now, they are going to take care of my Splenda Daddy.  Now, of course, I AM an Intermountain Healthcare snob, but so be it. 

TOSH is one of the most premier orthopedic specialty hospitals around.  Between all the great orthopedic surgeons to each and every physical therapist and their highly trained assistants, a patient there gets service like you wouldn't believe.  I mean pro athletes from all over the world come here for rehab and training.

 Splenda's neck has been bothering him. After a diagnosis of 3 bulging discs (MRI), he had an injection at the pain clinic, but still having trouble.  So what to do?

I email my friend JS at Dr J's office. 
The abbreviated convo:
Me:  Does Dr J see necks and if not, can you recommend a good neck guy?
JS:  Yes, he does necks, depending on what is going on.
Me:  He had an MRI at the Mothership - should be accessible via EMR. (electronic medical record)
JS:  I'll have Dr J take a look and let you know.  PS - how's the running?

Not less than an hour later.......

JS:  So, DR J looked at the scan and impression and can help Splenda Daddy.  Call me and we'll get an appointment.
I forward the email to Splenda.  He calls JS, gets an appointment in less than a week.  FOR REALS!

Seriously, best patient care evah!  Talk about being on the ball, ready to help and busting tail to get you in and on the road to recovery. 

And let's not forget what they have done for me.  No words.

So a BIG thank you shout out to my friends at TOSH
JS; SF; Dr. J; and J my PT dude.
You guys friggin rock!

And to anyone reading, if you need a good orthopod or PT, email me and I'll give you the deets.


Cherie said...

It's super hard to find that level of care! Glad you found it, glad you got it, glad Splenda daddy is getting it too!


tammy said...

So glad they have been able to help you. IHC is great. Except for Alta View. I have personal horror stories from there, both from my own care and my Dad's (in which we both could've died).

Omgirl said...

That is truly impressive. I always had really good experiences with IHC. Sadly, it is verboten with my new crappy Altius insurance. WAH!!!

Loralee and the gang... said...

That's awesome - do they have a partner in n. Idaho? My husband could use some care...