Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling's

My house once sparkling clean is all torn apart. Painting. Needs to be done, desperately. Nothing like a party on Sunday for motivation.

Too many headaches lately. Getting me down. Interfering with my life. They need to GO AWAY.

Getting my right eye touched up today. While I am seeing 20/30, I paid, I mean, Splenda Daddy paid, too much money to not have them perfect. Luka is coming with me. I hope he'll watch and take pictures, it really is cool. Even the smell of the burn from the laser.

I like the smell of wet dog. MY wet dog. I also like the smell of dog feet. The pads of their feet. I know. I am so weird.

I want a day where I do nothing but lay in bed and read a good book. I used to take a day now and then and do that. I need it. Maybe I just need to schedule it in. Saying that seems pathetic.

I have a sore in my nose that is driving me crazy! I can't even bump it without pain. Prolly some cancer of some sort. I should google it.

A fun Christmas present came last night. A box of bears. Cinnamon bears, chocolate cinnamon bears, and yogurt cinnamon bears. I feel a bear binge coming on.

I bought a scale. I have a love/hate relationship with it. Every day.

More Yankees gear came for the ROOM. I need to post a pic. I love that room. LOVE that ROOM!

I need to be better at reading private blogs. They don't show in my reader so I have to make myself remember. I also am glad when I do, there are so many fantastic people out there!

I was happy when Martie hugged me at work yesterday. I love my work BFF's.

I've been thinking about setting some goals, making some resolutions for the new year and decided I just don't want to set some expectations for myself. For reals. A little gun shy. Afraid of failure. So if I don't set any, than I haven't failed right? I'm just gonna hope for an ER-free year. That's a good one.

The January blues are setting in, can you tell? I need some more diet coke and to just shake it off!


Kristina P. said...

I am with you on the private blogs. My other problem is that I only have them bookmarked on one computer at work, so I usually forget.

CountessLaurie said...

Could the headaches be from the 20/30 vision?

DO NOT SELF DIAGNOSE! At least that is what they tell me at work all the time :-)

I don't have any private blogs. I feel so left out!

Martha H. said...

I was just so excited to see you yesterday. It had felt like weeks and weeks since I'd seen you last. And, I was just so happy for you that Luka is finally home safe and sound.

tiburon said...

I missed you this morning.

I love the smell of the pads of dogs feet. You aren't weird at all.

Or we both are.

I have a scale and I hate it every single time I step on it. Which is about 12 times a day right now.

Jillybean said...

You have chocolate covered cinnamon bears????
I have some Diet Coke. What time should I come over?

I have an agreement with my scale. I won't go near it, and it won't tell me how much weight I gained over Christmas.

Mae Rae said...

all right, on some of them I can give you. Don't google~ it is what the doctors use. Seriously, I should know. Yankees shall remain all a quiet about that one and then if you weren't weird than i probably wouldn't like you much. Dog feet, eeewwww! And stinky wet dog smell? oh! now I get the YankeeS!

Jewls said...

You're right, you are weird...but in a good way ;)

Together We Save said...

Wet dog smell?! Well we all have our own thing. LOL

tammy said...

I had to eat a cinnamon bear since you mentioned them.

My doc says I am a perfect candidate for the eye surgery thingy but I'm chicken.

Sarah said...

I thought I was the only one who noticed the burning laser smell. I so want to have mine done again! Insanely Jealous!!!

Cherie said...

I can definately relate to the January Blues and I am doing it without brown/caffeine goodness - How will I get through?

The bears all sound pretty yummy! I say grab the bears and a book and hide for 24 hours!!

Good luck!

Terri Ferran said...

TWO MONTHS FROM TODAY!!! Hang in there little buckaroo! I swilled a diet Coke and thought of you--here's to Coca-Cola Light con Cabana boy!

Shawn said...

Oh, I need to buy a new scale---but I am scaredy cat about it---I don't want to know the truth!!

And, I am with you on the private blogs----I keep forgetting the names and can't get to them easily----have to take too long to search for it---ahhh, by this time, I'm done with it!

DeNae said...

Las Vegas is nice and sunny. 62 today. You need to grab those bears, that diet coke, a good novel, and head south. Kick those winter blues to the curb!

kado! said...

that's it...I'm gonna make myself a reminder here at my computer to check my private-friend's blog on a specific day each week...I too am SO bad about it! Why can't they invent a google reader up-date for private blogs???

my husband gets a pain in his nose from time to's is always an ingrown hair up there...ewe...just typing that grossed me out. Once the hair works its way out...pain gone..until the next time! ;)

Chief said...

I love the smell of wet dog too... but I love dogs more than kids so...

and I had stuff to say about the other random crap you had but now that Ive been interrupted 15 times through this comment I have no idea what the hell...

gotta go