Friday, January 22, 2010

Buca Di Beppo + Boncos = Good times

Ever been to Buca Di Beppo's ?

It's a favorite spot of our Bonco's group and we have many a funny story from different excursions there. One such experience may or may not involve Frank Layden (former coach of the Utah Jazz), but you'd have to have been there to get the whole joke.

Anyhoo, this is where we went for dinner tonight and even though we were missng two of our couples, we still had a wonderful evening of fantastic food, great service from Jules, and best of all, enjoying each other.


I had saved all my calories for the day so I was freaking starving and for sure ate more than I should have, but when there are dishes like Chicken Carbonara, Penne Ariabiatta, and Shrimp Di Favoloa (sp), and topped off with some Tiramisu?  How could I resist?  Not to mention the garlic bread.  Whole cloves of garlic RIGHT ON THE BREAD.  I will be smelling like garlic for days to come!

One of the funnest things of all about the restaurant is the hilarious pictures they have throughout every room.  When they sat us at our table, it was immediately obvious where I would choose to sit.,

Yeah, I now, I am so classy.  And what the crap happened to my lips?  Note to M-Cat.  PUT LIPSTICK ON YOU DORK!

What a great time, and to my besties - B's and D's.... I love you.  To my mising besties - C's and D's, we missed you.  Next month!



Good Times!

Sue said...

I have been there..yummy food.

love the picture of those melons..

lip smackin food does take the old lipstick off...You still look good.

Emily said...

Soooo glad you didn't let the Bishop sit under that picture.

tammy said...

I noticed the melons first thing. What does that say about me?

Just SO said...

Ha! I'm like Tammy...that's the first thing I noticed.

I've heard of this place but never been sounds divine!

Cherie said...

We have been there once and it was the pictures that had us lauging the whole night so I noticed the "melon" picture above your head first thing.
When we went, the kids went into the bathroom and really got an eyeful so I decided it might be a better "adult" restaurant!!

It is SO yummy!!

Chief said...

So THATS why I smell garlic stench!

Mae Rae said...

I love garlic bread, i think that I will make this one of the places i visit when going to Utah. Oh yeah, whole cloves, yummy! I like garlic so much is pours from my pours for days after. no vampires here.

Vanessa said...

Well you do look hot w/lipstick, I will agree.

I love that pic behind you. Very NICE!

veronica said...

I need that picture. I'll hang it above my sofa.

Loralee and the gang... said...

I'm just gald my hubby wasn't looking over my shoulder just now...hee hee
And that food sounds heavenly! I can smell it from here!

kado! said...

now those are some Melons!!!

and how funny your besties names all start with the appropriate letters....."B" "D" and "C" I the only one who laughed about that???? I know, i know...but that is ALWAYS where my mind is! ;)

about me said...

We are such losers. I cannot believe that I made such a mistake on my flight and had to go out a day earlier than Rob. I was running around like crazy trying to get ready and never thought about Boncos. And there I was sitting alone on my bed at the hotel when you called. I would have much rather been with the group but what can you do??