Monday, January 11, 2010

My final Missionary Monday post

Yesterday was it. His report to our ward and the last time he wore his missionary badge.

After an amazing meeting, which, NGL - the kid did a great job. I loved his every word, and wondered so much, who WAS this man that he has become. Nothing ever quite prepares a mother to see the changes in her son that comes from 2 years of complete sacrifice, devotion and consecration to his belief and faith in God. 2 years of doing nothing but the Lord's work. 2 years of serving other people and sharing a message of happiness.

After the meeting, he hung out in the foyer of the church while Splenda and I raced home to pull out the food and get the party started. I gave my camera to a couple of people and asked for random pictures.

I only wish I would have stayed behind at the church and let others get lunch set up. There were so many people who came, visited with him, but didn't make it back to the house, therefore I missed them.

Again - a HUGE thank you to all the family and friends who made the say so special. From the minute I woke up to the minute I laid my exhausted head on my pillow, I was exhilarated.

And if I can get my movie maker software to work, I'll get his talk and testimony (in Espanol) loaded for anyone who missed it.


Shawn said...

How awesome this is!! You are so lucky to be with your family all around you again.... So fun!

Martha H. said...

So wonderful! I love that last pic.

wendy said...

So very cool. loved the photos.
what's with all the crutches??

Your son looks handsome and I bet he did a fantastic job.

Loralee said...

Really really cool. Now do weekly posts on his dating escapades. I'm sure he'd just LOVE that!

Plain Jame said...

How awesome. I love the entire fam pic. I love C's impromtu tie and sissies cute face. Looks like a blast.

Is he wettin his shorts right now to be home??!!

Cherie said...

Congratulations! I can tell how happy you and Splenda both are in the pictures (which are great btw!).
It totally is amazing when these boys go out and come home men!

tammy said...

I would love to hear his talk if you get it working. Great pics of a great day.

tiburon said...

I really don't need to look at the pics - since I was there.

And seriously - could I look any fatter in that picture?!

Pedaling said...

this is such a fun rewarding time.
so glad you are soaking it all in!

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

That's okay. I didn't want to come anyway.

Sheesh. I would have brought lunch meat or something.

Swelling pride in that boy.

Natalie said...

Luke's talk was amazing! Oh how I hope my boys turn out just like him! And looked INCREDIBLE that day! What a gorgeous missionary mom you are!!! The party was fun, food was yummy. Sorry Jake stayed so long!!!

Mae Rae said...

these pics were awesome. I tear up every time i see you with your family. The pride is just amazing. You are ONE SPECIAL LADY!

Omgirl said...

I can't even imagine how surreal it would be to send a teenager off on a mission and get back a spritual, tall, handsome MAN a couple of years later. Congrats to your boy, er, MAN, on his successful mission. (And p.s. You look dang hot in your fancy church clothes!)