Friday, January 8, 2010

Slang Gang Word of the Day

January 8: Nearsighted Date

As opposed to a blind date, where you have no idea what the other person looks like, a nearsighted date is one where you've seen a photo or chatted via web cam before meeting in person.
This can often lead to disappointment if one person or the other has supplied misleading documentation.

"Well, I saw her profile pics on Facebook, so it was more of a nearsighted date than a blind date"

"That's the last nearsighted date I ever go on...her profile pic must have been 5 years, 3 hair colors and 2 kids ago."

"Went on a nearsighted date last night. The picture he emailed me must have been from before he quit the gym."

**I am grateful I am not in the dating game fo sho!**


wendy said...

Amen on that one.


ME TOO!!!!!!

Shawn said...

Love it!

kado! said...

yep...amen again to that one!

tammy said...

Amen. If I'm ever single again, I think I'd just stay single.

Mae Rae said...

I have to agree with Tammy. If ever I had to go back out on the market, I would price myself so high and allow only window shopping. This stuff is too tough.