Friday, January 15, 2010

A day late and a dollar short

Generally the theme of my life.  For reals.

I'm catching up on reading blogs and whaddya know? Apparently yesterday was National De-Lurking Day. Day to come out of the blurking closet. You know who you are. You read, you may or may not enjoy, and then you leave. And all I have to know you were there, is some stats that leave me guessing. Does Splenda hit my blog several times a day to just make me feel better or are there really people out there?........
So, in the spirit of stringing out any kind of celebration going for as long as I possibly can, I think we'll just keep the party hopping and allow all you blurkers out there to just take today as your day to make your presence known. Feel free to introduce yourselves. Say hi. Let me know you're out there. And I promise, this is a "safe house" to come out in. I'm a fellow blurker myself so no judging here.



Anonymous said...

Hey I read your blog everyday, i am so pleased your son is home safely, and your grand baby is so sweet! Your a great writer! Georgie in Tasmania Australia

Mae Rae said...

ooh, you have an anonymous, and they aren't even asking you to have you know what with women. Mine do. I don't lurk so I guess i don't count. I do comment though. like you didn't know that. shut up know and get off her blog...okay.

Anonymous said...

Melissa I love your blog! I love just imagining you saying all the stuff you write! Well thanks to you I have a new year resolution to not be negative!

xo Alexis Johansen

Devri said...

I am not a lurker, just a slacker lately.. hopeful to get back to bloggin more.. ugh

Anonymous said...

Ooo ooo ooo! I'm a (b)lurker! I've been referred to before as the "token male reader", but don't let that deter you from writing anything. I put up with all of Mindi's posts, so I think I can put up with yours. You're a fantastic writer, and your blog (which I just started reading recently) quickly has jumped up the ranks of one of my favorites to read.

A Pre-missionary in AZ

glittersmama said...

I'm here. Sometimes I say something, lots of times I don't, but I always think you rock.

Pedaling said...

i guess i missed it too.

it's hard getting lurkers to make their mark!

Patricia said...

Hi Melissa,

I've read your blog for sometime now and just enjoy it so much. Please keep writing.