Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Adventures in Baby sitting - Day 1

Remember how I dog sat for the Shark a little while ago?  That was just a warm up for the real deal.  Her children.  Her girl children.  I figured no biggie - it's slow at the store and not getting hours there anyway and other than Festival, not much going on.  I could hang with the girls for a few day's.

I packed a small bag knowing that I would be making trips home when necessary and headed over early for some instructions.  WOW!  I think the health care bill has less pages than my list of instructions!  Okay just kidding, but Tiburon is a very detailed oriented kinda girl.  There is a time line, addresses, passwords, insurance cards, where to find the wills, you know - all the really crucial stuff.  All I really needed to know is what time they go to school and what time they get home.  Oh and what time they go to bed.  Which is TOO LATE - just saying.  9:00pm?  Really?  She knows I like to start closing shop and shutting things down around 7:30.  Especially in the dark winter hours.  9pm is really gonna work me over.

And then I started thinking sheesh.  These are her precious babies.  She doesn't want to worry about them while she's gone.  Kids do better with routine.  Best to stick to the instructions and keep their lives as interruption free as possible.   Plus, Tib had really gone above and beyond to make us feel welcome in her home.

(bath bombs for me!!)

Tib, Adam and Ethan hit the road.  If you didn't know, they are riding the JDRF Tucson ride in AZ.  They are still in serious need of donations so if you feel so inclined, click here and send a little love.

At first it was just me and Amelia, but then Olivia came home from school shortly followed by Avery.  Easy peasy.  We chatted.  Talked about school.  The usual stuff.

After making sure I could get to their wifi, I booted up the PC, checked in on my standard sites, caught up on my games and found Fox news on the TV.  Set.  Good to go.

Except that it's cold.  Way too cold.  Like a degree above seeing my breath cold.  I turned up the heat, grabbed my Yankee's blankie and called Splenda Daddy.

Okay so the girls are playing video games, and with each other.  No fighting.  No squealing.  No loud noises.  Good.

The puppy has peed in the living room!  Did I mention that she has a freakin puppy??  "House trained" my arse!  But cute Amelia knows how and what to clean it up with and has taken care of it before I can even get to the paper towels.   Dogs outside.

Olivia has compiled a list of the food that they like to eat.  That's looks great honey, leave that on the counter and I'll make sure Splenda Daddy sees it.

Olivia and Amelia showing me their dances.  Quite good without music.  When did they start teaching little girls to shake their booties?  Huh?  I think they have embellished based on their mother's own example.

Watching a puppet show.
And then another one.
And....still another one.
Okay, how's about a break from the puppets eh?

Ahh....Splenda Daddy to the rescue.  Grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for dinner.
(listen ladies - if you use a straw for the soup broth, it makes eating the soup much easier!)

(there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this picture)

Homework.  Math and Science.  Out of my league.  Even if they are just 2nd and 5th grade.

Clarinet practice! No one warned me about clarinet practice!

Bedtime.  YESSSSS!!!!!!!!   Prayers, hugs and the two littlest in bed, lights out, doors shut.  Jammies, tv, and chilling with the oldest smart one.

Splenda Daddy back.  Bed.  Not mine, but right now a bed will do.

Favorite quote of the day:

Amelia: "I love my blankie.  It smells"

Wonder what day 2 is going to bring?  Looking at the schedule - there is a lot that's required from me *sigh*


" Hit It......." said...

This is going to be a fun week for you. btw - are you crazy? Never ever let kids have Mt. Dew. Oh my heck, she will be bouncing off the wall.

Mae Rae said...


I know you raised three boys and I myself raised three boys. I don't think i could handle 1 girl for three days, KUDOS, you hare taking on three for three. You will need a hair appt for when they return just to get rid of the grey.

tammy said...

You are the best.
How much would it take to bring you down here to babysit?

Pedaling said...

hey you there, you, the one who likes to hit the sack early....might want to hide the mountain dew!

Amelia's quote is precious....forget about her mama, what could smell better then he own little self?!