Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

Everyone is doing gratitude posts or listing daily on FB something that they are grateful for.  I should compile a list.  I'll start working on that and get it out by Thanksgiving.

Wait, that's tomorrow.  I guess I better hurry.

I also need to get working on our annual family Christmas card.  It's handmade so it takes some time.  I really should get going.

I am totally KILLING it with procrastination lately!  Me = Winning at the "putting it off" game!

Life is about to get bat crap crazy around here.  Monday starts Festival of Trees (more coming on that).
Right as that ends, we will be boarding a flight for St Thomas (go ahead - hate me)
I'll be home for a week and then Luke and I hit the road for Chloeefornia.  
Home in time for Christmas Eve.

Whew - bat crap crazy indeed!

Splenda Daddy is still working on finishing the bathroom off my bedroom.  Slow going.  Poor man is overwhelmed at work and has more than a full plate.  If I knew how to do any of it, I would.  
No worries.  It'll be done, when it's done.  But everytime he hangs up the plastic sheeting to sand (so dust doesn't get everywhere) all I can think of is 'kill room' 
Dexter much?

Speaking of Festival.  The tree and the "scene" is coming together.  Huge shout out to my Mom and John for a generous financing!  I am so touched by how willing friends and family are to jump in and help.  One more call to RC Willey's today (keep your fingers crossed) and I hope to have it just about covered.  I will be so glad when I can actually get it done.  I will breathing a sigh of relief Monday night at 7:30pm.

And then I will be expecting all ya'll to come to Festival and enjoy.  Maybe take a peek at it as well.  More than anything I hope it turns out to be inspiring. At least that's what I'm shooting for.

I made the mistake of going into the grocery store today.  Oh the madness!  Reminder of why I WON'T be out shopping on Friday.  Unless RC Willey's won't donate and then I WILL have to go find a deal.  So far, no call back.  Not a good sign.

Running a 5k tomorrow!  First serious run since SGM.  So excited I can hardly stand it!

Really, seriously craving a DingDong right now.  Like, SERIOUS craving!  

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Jamie said...

Wish I could come see the tree. HAve fun in St.Thomas and Chloeefornia. You are right, that is one full month you have planned.
Happy Thanksgiving!