Friday, November 30, 2012

Festival of Trees 2012 - Part 1

I realized as I was looking through all the pictures I have so far this year, that I need to break the experience into two posts.  Yeah, I'm kind of a freak about the Festival this year!

I've talked before about doing a tree for Jill.  And we did.  And I'm saving all that for different post all directed and dedicated for her but here are some pics (granted crappy cell phone ones since my camera is broken) of things I've been enjoying there so far this week.
Of course the patriotic and military ones always catch my attention.  This was a tree done by the Gold Star Mothers.  A support group of military moms who have lost a child in battle.

A USMC tree is never wrong!

A wreath created by a bestie Carina.  Look how beautiful it is!  The picture is of her children who headed up the Candy Crusaders and collected unwanted Halloween candy to donate for Festival Small Fry projects!  Love this family!!

Besties Diehl's did this tree for our amazing friend Tracy.  You can read the story about her here

My bestie Debbi (my Festival guru and mentor) and her kids did this tree for their husband/father Rob. We lost him about a year ago - you can read about it here

A facebook friend created this one - so cute!

Another military one.  This was done by the MIA/POW organization.  They also had a table set for one that symbolizes our missing warrior.

This tree is a special one done for a young man Ryan.  My oldest son Corbin's friend's younger brother.  They also lost him to suicide.  The tree represented all his favorite things.

Snowboard and his picture

More boards - they did a great job!

And this tree is for my cat loving friends Tauna and Laurie.  It is called  A Cat-a-strophic Christmas and I have to admit it's cute.  It's filled with stuffed cats and then cats posed doing very naughty things (as cats do)

The dog thought cloud says  "You guys are SO getting in trouble for this!"

I loved this wreath.  The Owls dressed as the wise men.  Very creative

And I loved the gingerbread men on this one

And, another patriotic one!

So far, I've been able to be at Festival every day at least for a little bit.
Monday was decorating day.
Tuesday was opening night and bidding.
Wednesday I made cotton candy for the Small Fry shop and the Sweete Shop
Thursday, I met Tuffy and 'Tana at the end of the evening so they could see our tree.
Today, if needed, I'll volunteer this morning, and then go back this evening for one final look at our tree.  Hope to see a "sold" on it, check in with Luke and Mindy who will be working in SantaLand and soak in some final feelings at Festival.

If you haven't had a chance to go yet, it is open until Saturday 10pm.  You can get discount tickets at any Zion's bank.  Check out all the trees, read the stories and allow your heart to be softened, touched and hopefully inspired.

Remember to make sure and see Aisle Q - spot 20.  Please read the back of the placard with our story and if there is a green "for sale" sign still on it - for the love of all that's holy BUY IT!  

Merry Christmas and happy "getting the season started off right"!



CountessLaurie said...

Those are some awesome trees. Love the cat one. It must have been hard, but thank you for taking pics for me :-)
I wish I were closer so I could come see all these in person!!!

Garden of Egan said...

So absolutely awesome. The trees are beautiful. I liove the stories associated with them. I someday want to make a trip to Utah just to see these trees.

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