Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012 - A Jazz game makes it all better

I'm gettin old.  And cranky.  And a real holiday grump!

Thankfully, we had some friends offer us an "out" for Halloween, and believe you me.....Splenda Daddy and I jumped on it!


Season opener baby!  I don't care if I have to sit on the highest row in the center (which we didn't), there is something about the energy in the ESA.  I actually think the crowds up in the  "nosebleed" seats are the most fun anyway.

Carina, Andy, Splenda and me hit the Wing Nutz for a quick dinner.  Happened to run into Luke and Skyler who had much better seats (but they didn't get to listen to me yell and provide color commentary so, really who are we kiddin?  They weren't better off)

Love a good game.

Love a halftime meet up with Lukie who buys his mother a diet coke and meeting another cutie patootie friend that I wish I was running with this weekend!

Love a WIN!

Love friends who are kind enough to share tickets and spend an evening with us!

But what I love most of all are the Halloween pictures I saw on facebook later that night.

She is what I love most of all!!

Another Halloween under our belts.  Maybe once the kids come home and we get more grands I'll decide to like the pagan holiday a little more : )


wendy said...

dang...I came over here form you FB page, and left a LONG comment, and since I wasn't signed into blogger, it didn't keep it. grrrrr
(we lost power last night for over an hour, and that means everything has to be reset on my computer)

I am glad you had a good time!!! Sporting events, Live...are always great I think.
We don't get any trick or treaters at my place...too isolated. The kids that DO kinda live around here have their parents take them into town. Can't blame them.
I put up some halloween decorations, but I don't know why I bother. I used to do it for the grandkids who loved seeing it all.
I didn't even buy any candy..which is a good thing, as that means I won't be tempted to be pigging on it.
I do tell the grand's though to save me all their Almond Joy's.
Those pictures of Chloe are darling. I know she lights up your life so much.
Hugs to ya

" Hit It......." said...

So glad you had a fun night out at the Jazz game. I haven't been to one in years.

Chloe' looks so happy.

Sue said...

spending holidays with grands seem to cover the "getting older and don't give a darn about decorations"!!

looks like you had a good time.

Wow! someone got some good candy.
Love her smiling face.

Kristin Klein said...

Awww . . lucky you!! Fun times!