Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 - so what if I'm late in posting...?

Yes, I cooked.  Pictorial proof provided.

It wasn't as big a deal as I had imagined.  I don't understand the hours and hours or even days that people talk about regarding preparing the big meal.  Yes, I made extra things that we don't normally have but really - it was just about like a typical Sunday dinner on steroids.  A lot more food and a lot more dishes.

Tuffy and 'Tana ate with us before heading to her family.  Luke is here and staying the weekend.  But we are missing our SoCal kids.  So, yeah again, pretty much like a typical Sunday dinner.

I want something different.  Something special for Thanksgiving.  Something that sets it apart from the rest of our family meals.  Yeah we watched a movie.  But we do that most Sunday night anyway.  We napped.  Typical.  Other than running the 5k in the morning, it really was just another day.  And by different, I don't mean something cheesey 'cause we all know I just don't roll like that.


We did skype with Corbin for about an hour and chatted with Chloee for a little bit but I went to bed irritated and vowing that I will NOT cook another Thanksgiving meal until ALL the kids can be around one table together.  If that means Golden Corral until the SoCal kids get back to Utah, then so be it.  At least THAT'S different.  We don't go there any other time of the year so it's unique.  And cost wise?  I spent just as much money for all the stuff to cook as I would have at a cash register.  Leftovers?  Splenda is the only one that will eat them.

So there you have it.

PSYCHE! - this isn't all!

Of course I have a bazillion things to be thankful for!  I thought about compiling a list in numerical order but then I realized that I don't really know how to count up to a bazillion.  I get lost after million.

So in short order - I have the best family!  Everyone else says that too, and for the record, I think everyone else is also right.  We each have the BEST families for US!
Me?: A husband who gets me, sons who make me laugh out loud and swell with pride all the time, daughter-in-loves who fit right in with our odd bunch, and the sweetest granddaughter who I love more than words can even articulate.
Our home.  While not the latest, biggest, filled with the finest furniture, is paid for.  Serves our needs, covers our heads and offers warmth and shelter.  It's filled with 24 years of memories that brighten my days, remind me to behave and provides so many inside jokes in our little clan that an outsider would be lost for hours if we kept at it.
Employment that my husband not only loves to do, but is damn good at it too.  The company is outstanding and have been very good to us over the many years Splenda has been there.  They compensate him fairly and in a way that he is able to provide well for our family and allows us to help serve others.
I have a passel of friends who add to and enrich my life every single day.  Besties who "get me" that I see or talk to every day.  Virtual friends who make me laugh and provide amusement, but above all - my friends are supportive, uplifting and inspire me to do and be better.

**Post Script - Splenda Daddy DID go out Black Friday shopping.  I did not.  #bestmarriageever


Jamie said...

I am not a Black friday shopper either, and oh how I want my house paid off. We eat at my Sisters, that works out well for the non leftover eaters we are as well.

tahir sumar said...

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" Hit It......." said...

Can't believe you cooked. Yay! Where's the tukey? Was Splenda Daddy impressed?

I love to shop but hate Black Friday. I sit at home and click away on the computer....spend, spend, spend).

namaste said...

yup, i don't spend days cooking either. it only took me about 6 hours for five people. but then again, i've never cooked for more than 9 or 10. if and when i ever have to cook for 15 or more, i'm sure i'll need a few days. love your gratitude list, so well said. skyping is awesome! :)

Pedaling said...

you're late on posting and i'm late on commenting....
you're right, it may not be worth it to cook for your ordinary crowd, as special as they are!
i'm all for going out on those years where some are not able to make it.
you are truly blessed and you also are a blessing to many!

tahir sumar said...

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tammy said...

I've finally gotten to the point where I love doing Thanksgiving dinner. It used to stress me out, but not anymore. I got this.

We do have a lot to be thankful for.

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