Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adventures in Babysitting - Day 2

First off - the Splenda Daddy gets a HUGE shoutout for being willing to spend the night so I could go to the gym.  One more night and then he's off the hook and can enjoy the sweet comforts of his own bed.

Did I mention it's cold?  Whatev's, I am eyeing the big garden tub with jets and a bath bomb for later.

As soon as I walked in the door after the gym I got the pants scared off of me by Olivia who was awake and strangely.....smiling!
"Smiling!?  I love smiling!  It's my FAVORITE".

There had been a donut extravaganza at the gym so guess what the girls got to have for breakfast?!?!

Bingo!  Nothing like some good old fashioned sugar and caffeine to get their day started off right.  They are also very good at following the rules of finishing everything we get served.

("my mom hates when I do this  - take a picture)

Once they were out the door, I enjoyed the big tub, got myself ready and proceeded to clean up dog puke.  I think her furbabies are a little stressed since Ruby had already puked three times earlier in the morning and now Jake dumped the entire contents of his stomach on the stairs.  Good times.  Been there, done that.  Dog puke is better than human puke.  I can do dog puke.

After picking up Amelia from school, I dashed home to pick up a few forgotten things, see my own dogs, clean the kitchen, see my own dogs, get stuff ready for pick up for Festival, see my own dogs.

And then it is back to the Shark's reef for some chillin with the littlest and waiting for the older girls to get home.

4:00pm and it all starts up.  One to dance.  Oldest comes home.  Youngest off to other dance.  Oldest doing homework.  These people are going to need to be fed at some point but looking at the itinerary, not sure when that's supposed to happen.  It's not on the schedule!  Feeling a little frantic.  Tried to call Splenda Daddy.  He's in a meeting.  No answer.  Huh.   Time to go to my stand by/back up plan.  Heading to McSlop shop.

Crisis averted.  Two of the three are fed.  Good odds.  Another dance drop off and pick up in the works.

I have been previously been assured that oldest can indeed direct me to dance studio.  After two missed turns and a "I think we passed it" and a "uh......" finally found dance studio.  Drop off/pick up success.

Bsck to the house and the littles. They are bestest friends, but even best friends have minor scuffles.  I instituted a new law.  If they wanted to tattle, they had to sing it.  Last night, once I explained that, Amelia decided she had nothing to say after all.  Tonight was a different story.  She loudly sang out "Oliviiiiaaaa  iiiiisssss noooooottttt lettttttinnnggg meeeeeeee plaaaaaayyyy the wiiiiiiiii!"  I didn't immediately recognize the melody but considering she was winging it, she did great.  Next time I give them the tune.

Awesomesauce I tell you!  By the time she was done, everyone was giggling and the problem resolved itself.

8:20, Splenda Daddy comes to be here while the littles go to bed and I do one more dance pick up.

Dude.  It's not almost 9:30.  Soooooo past my bedtime.  But I'm told that if I put the puppy out at 10:00pm she will be good in her crate until 7am.  I would really like to wake up and not have a pee soaked crate tomorrow so I guess 10 pm it is.

In the meantime, I am trying to wear them out.

( don't let their cute factor fool you.  Puking, peeing monsters they've been today)

Maybe I can talk Splenda Daddy into staying up.

The girls are so excited for the weekend - they think we're gonna do something fun.  Little do they know I have compiled a list of cleaning I need done at MY house.  Little suckahs!

Favorite quote of the day:
Amelia - "Don't forget your camera charger so you can keep taking pictures of us doing bad things"

*note to self- explain in clearer terms the game of 'punking mom' - that sounds a whole lot better than 'pictures of us doing bad things'


Mae Rae said...

you are the best!

Jaymi said...

Can you come babysit me?? Super FUN!

tammy said...

I love the taking pictures while they're doing bad things. Hilario.