Friday, November 16, 2012

Adventures in BabySitting - Day 3

Oh my heck.  'Member how our Grandma's would say something to the affect of having children when we were young and had the energy for them?


Thankfully the day started with a session of Yoga which is always the best.  Then back to the house and the littles were awake and wanting food.  I hadn't made cupcakes yet so they foraged on a leftover donut, waffles and toaster strudel.  Girls after my own heart.

Out the door for school for a mere few hours since Friday is early dismissal day.

And then home to keep unbored all afternoon.

This is when I became tired.  Kids are wiggly.  Like they are in motion all the time.  Even when we are watching TV, someone is bouncing around on the couch, or waving their hands around, or making loud noises.  And most of all talking.  There is a hella lot of talking.  I'm not sure what about, but their mouths are in constant motion and a steady stream of emotion.

Tonight was Papa Murphy's night.  In which I found out that all three girls pick off all the pepperoni's and Amelia then can't eat it anyway because "I can't weally descwibe it, but it gwosses me out".  Olivia would rather just drink root beer and Avery is on her last nerve with her sisters.  The threat of cookies looming over their heads was just enough though.

There was some eye rolling, some "shut up's" which got them the evil eye from me, some singing "tattling" and sadly some tears from Olivia.  I think they are homesick for their Mama.  I get it.  But so help me, if one more of them shrieks, I'm gonna flip my lid!  No.lie.

To top it off, I had to be the one to break it to the girls that there is no more Hostess.  I shouldn't have been the one to deliver such crushing news, but I couldn't hide it any longer, they were seeing the news reports.  We had hopes that Tuffy could score some from the grocery store where he works but by the time he got in today the shelves were cleaned out.  Just when we were seriously craving Ding Dongs!  I think breaking this kind of news rates up there with having to "have the talk"  I better get super duper friend points for this one.

We had a girls only movie night tonight.  We kicked Splenda Daddy out the door, put in Brave and then the girls enjoyed it while I fell asleep (see "wicked old").

On a super bright note though, there was no puking from anything human or canine and not one pee accident from Ruby to clean up.  She even got a bath!

And I remembered my favorite time of the day when my kids were younger.....bedtime. Yep - bedtime.

Tomorrow is Saturday.  Since Olivia has created me all kinds of lists (favorite foods, movies etc) I think I'll compile a list of chores.  Sounds about right doesn't it?

Favorite quotes of the day:
Amelia - "My pillow pet smells like butt cheeks"

Olivia who just spilled her rootbeer - "Oh this is the worst day ever!!"
Splenda - "Worst day?  This is the worst thing that's ever happened to you?  Did you know that there are lot's of kids who don't even GET to have root beer?  Let alone the chance to spill it."

Yeah you can see we are just too damn old.

I think now that we are to the weekend, I'm gonna just invoke grandparent rules and let them do whatever the crap they want to.  

As long as they don't wake me up.


Suz said...

I soooo don't envy you. They seem sweet and they're obviously cute, but three little girls would simply be the end of me!

Suzie said...

I haven't left a comment on a blog in forever but have to let you know I laughed/snorted when I read these posts. Hilarious.
Keep em coming and keep em alive. (the children and dogs)

Crumpy said...

Laughing.......laughing hard.......laughing real hard.

CountessLaurie said...

Minus one girl and you have my life. 7:00 am on a Saturday and I was already up. 8:12 and I am co-miserating with other people on their blogs. Hang in there.

" Hit It......." said...

Hilarious! The continual talking thing gets to me to (mentally, I am always thinking...shut up). You had boys and girls are a whole different ball game; but you are up to the challenge!

Love these posts.

Diana said...

You have a hilarious way of putting all of this, but I live it with my sons every single day. What, oh what, was I thinking when I waited until almost forty to have children. PS How is the Shark doing? I don't see her blog anymore.

DesertHen said...

These snap-shots of your "adventures in babysitting" have been hilarious to read! Love it!

Pedaling said...

I could handle the's that pup, where I might have to draw the line.

tammy said...

I think there is a reason I didn't have girls.
Good thing they are cute!

I also think no one should have to babysit on half days.

Amelia and her "I can't weally descwibe it, but it gwosses me out" - kills me!