Saturday, November 17, 2012

Adventures in Baby Sitting - Day 4

5 - freaking AM.

Are you for reals??  I hear some scratching and quiet whining from the crate and Ruby is letting me know that she would like to go relieve herself.  Holy mother of tired!!  She went out at 10pm, did her business and I was promised that she would be good until 7am.  LIE!

After loving on her (not her fault she is essentially a newborn infant and I am old and exhausted), she went back in the crate and I went back to bed attempting some more sleep.

(who can stay mad at this face)

A little after 7am, I could hear the girls stirring and decided I needed to prolly get up and make sure they at least weren't making huge messes that I would have to make them clean up later.

I stumbled downstairs and first thing I am asked is if I want to hold Ruby.  Really?  Nope.  Not at all. Let's get her fed.

Hmm... breakfast.  You know what?  I don't even care.  I announce to the girls that they can have whatever they want for breakfast.  I don't care - it's Saturday, the parentals are gone, go for it.
(Olivia chose cookies)

(Amelia chose Toaster Strudel's)

(and Ava chose creamies)

(she added a bowl of sugary cereal for good measure)

Splenda Daddy wanders downstairs, says good morning to everyone and gets ready to head home.  Wha?  You're leaving me?  But....I'm out numbered!

Procure ticket movies.  Told by Ava that 4:55 is a good time because then we wouldn't have to worry about having dinner, we could just fill up on popcorn and candy.

Avery:  "Yeah, that's what my mom does, she gets movie tickets at either lunchtime or dinnertime and tells us to fill up on popcorn and candy so that she doesn't  have to worry about anything for dinner"

No lie.  Just another reason I heart Tib.

They want to play with friends.  Okay, just as long as I'm not having to taxi you around everywhere.  If you find a friend to play with, the other parent has to be willing to either pick you up or bring you home, but I ain't doing both.  And you have to be able to guide me to their house.  AFTER YOU CLEAN YOUR ROOMS. (I had to throw something of value in there)

Friends don't answer/can't play/won't call back.  They are left to amuse themselves.  Oh my GOSH there is a lot of shrieking!  I remember now why I was thankful Heavenly Father only gave me boys.  There is fighting with pillows.  It ends in tears.  What the crap?  Tears?  Buck up ladies - there is no crying on my watch!  There are three bedrooms upstairs, and oh look - three of you.  Go find them.  What?  One of you is now down here singing/tattling to me? *sigh*

Kinda funny, if it had been my boys, there would have been some more wrestling, likely a punch or two and then it would be over.  Actually, truth be told, I would have never even known about it until I found the secret video they made.  Yes, by sons recorded OVER SOME IMPORTANT FAMILY MEMORIES to tape their wrestling matches.  Classic.

Ahhh. Olivia has found a friend.  Amazing how quickly the house gets picked up and she is ready to go. Poor other two are left with each other while I go hide upstairs taking a shower and getting ready for the day.  I come down and wow.  They are so quiet and nice with each other.  Surprised that a stack of Pokemon cards brings out the princesses in them both.

It's lunchtime.  I bet they want food don't they?  I already screwed over breakfast so I guess I need to ensure somewhat of a decent lunch since they have already planned on popcorn, soda and candy for dinner.

Macaroni and Cheese?  Are you freaking serious??  I thought I was pretty clear to Tib that I.don't.make.macncheese.  It makes me dry heave.  Just smelling it.  Looking at it.  My gag reflexes kick in and bam!

But then, I remember how much I really do love these girlies. Okaaaayyy....fine.  I'll make the damn stuff.

I'll be watching for my BFF ever award.

One thing I can't really understand is why the girls don't enjoy Fox News as much as I do.  I mean, I put it on and leave it on so I can get any updated, breaking news and they ignore it all.  I mean, HELLO!  Israel is being bombed dontcha know!  They prefer going in the other room and playing the Wii.  Go figure - strange, I know : )

Such a long afternoon.  Too cold and windy to play outside.  I give the girls props for playing nicely with each other.  All the while I dinked around on FB and twitter and saw every last Twinkie joke there is.

Olivia home and time for the movie.  Amazing how fast they all got ready!  I think they've been looking forward to this all week long.  Literally feeling a buzz of excitement!

I grabbed our tickets and we headed for the concession stand.  Now, as much as I love these little beasts, I just don't share my popcorn with small hands.  Just can't do it.  I don't want to have to deal with a potential battle of THEM sharing popcorn either - that could get ugly.  So each gets their own value meal (it is dinner after all) and off to find our seats.

Let me axe you something.....when it's reserved seating and your ticket has a specific seat on it, why would one choose to sit somewhere else?  Just curious......  booted rogue dude from our seat, get settled in and wow what a show!

Wreck it Ralph was fabulous!  A light hearted, good message, loveable characters and other than potty humor (which is standard I suppose), a grade A film.

How did the girls like it?  THEY LOVED IT! And I have to give some serious props to Avery.  The person behind her was rude enough to put her feet on the back of Ava's seat.  Ava ignored it during the previews but when the movie started, she leaned over to me and told me what was happening.  I looked, I saw and then told Ava to ask the person to remove their feet.  I waited not sure if she would be bold enough to.  I was prepared to do it for her if she felt shy, but I wanted to see if she could do it on her own.

Sure enough, all it took was her turning around.  The lady immediately apologized and no other problems.  Kudos to Miss Avery for handling it.  When I was her age, I didn't have the courage to ever have stood up for myself.

Of course, we had to stay through the entire credits so we could see the Catmull name on the screen (tradition for anything related to Pixar) and then we bounced out of the theater.  Girls on a sugar high and me feeling relaxed with such a fun movie.

After a quick stop at home to see my furbabies, the progress on the bathroom, see my furbabies, check on Splenda, see my furbabies, we were home.  The girls jumped in a shower, ready for bed and we chalked another day up to a success.

No tears.  We all survived.  Maybe I did just barely, but hey - we're upright and breathing so taking that as a W

Even the puppy was good.  No puking, no indoor peeing.   A 'W' indeed.

Now, where is the freakin bed?


Pedaling said...

you have many good attributes....MANY

but food and feeding and meals- ;)

you are like that fun aunt that everybody loves and remembers for a lifetime.

Someday you are going to have the kind of funeral we all hope for,
but there will be no mention of comfort food memories.

Garden of Egan said...

You are about to be nominated for Sainthood...or something like that.
Simply letting her have a Creamie for breakfast makes you master of all.

tammy said...

Your cheese issues extend to mac-n-cheese?

I'm glad you liked the movie. I thought it was pretty cute even though I was fighting falling asleep. The Pixar shorts are the best.