Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

I have eaten waaaaaayyyy too much this week.  Like TOO MUCH!

Family dinner on Sunday including birthday cake
Monday night - Diva dinner including birthday brownie sundae
Tuesday night - Bonco dinner including home made ice cream
Today - lunch with some fun girls including ALL MY CAJUN FRIES

I prolly should go on a fast or something.  Cleanse the body.

Or not.

Kinda freaked out.  Jack reminds me so much of Kasey it's downright freaky.  They aren't even the same breed, but personality wise and the quirky little traits that both have/had.  Weird.  Just plain weird man.

I think that is why I love that damn little dog so much.

Can't stop watching the Casey Anthony trial.  I turn on the live stream and listen to it while I work.  If someone new takes the stand - I click over to see what they look like, and then go back to listening.  If the testimony is compelling - I watch.  Like today.  George Anthony crying.  Hard to watch.  I remember when Calee went missing.  She and Chloee are the same age.  Maybe that's why I am so drawn to it.  Like a train wreck.  Just can't turn away.

I got some issue going on with my gut.  Going on two weeks now.  And my blood pressure is still high.  Doc and me will spend some time together on Friday.  Stress much?

I haven't been to Moab since I was a kid.  Going in a couple of weeks and VERY excited!  Warm - sunny - and Montana's family.  Good times.

Met a couple of very cool ladies today.  They have a gazillion kids.  How in the crap do people do it?  Okay, they don't have a gazillion but 4 and 5 are A LOT.  I give them huge props and respect.  Consider this the virtual fist bump.

Chloee has started wanting to do her own hair.  She gets the sides wet and calls it good.  I need to snap a picture.  It's downright funny.

She starts swimming lessons next week.  Humming with excitement!

And believe it or not, I am kind of feeling hungry again. 

Off to hang my head in shame as I work a bag of Dorito's


" Hit It......." said...

You can afford to eat a little, you are small.

I am also interested in the trial. I hope they hang Kasey Anthony up by her hair. Gosh, I wish I could stream the trial. I would probably get fired.

Have fun on your trip.

Amy said...

Before I moved, I had the trial on everyday while I worked or packed. I was addicted. Now I really have no idea what is going on. Please post or e-mail me the link for the live feed. I don't see how she can NOT be guilty.

I plan to over-indulge on Friday when I take one of my girlfriends out to lunch. I don't know where but it will be good...I am thinking Olive Garden, soup and salad lunch.

I have never been to Moab... :(

Connie said...

You're drawn to the trial like I was drawn to the Baby Jessica in the well ordeal. Jessica was the same age as my baby. Brings it closer to home.

Hope the doc can help you figure out your gut.

tammy said...

I love that Chloee wants to do her own hair. That has to be hilarious.

I ate way too much at the lake on Saturday. What happens at the lake...

Dogs are the best thing ever.

I haven't been watching the trial. Maybe I need to be.

Wonder Woman said...

Because of the way your ordered your randomness, I'm wondering if you BP has anything to do with the trial. Just a thought.

I haven't been watching, but I catch updates whenever I watch the national news. It's heartbreaking.

mintifresh said...

You think you ate too much?! I went to Olive Garden that same night! They had me at garlic butter!

Missy said...

I am hooked on the Casey trial also!
Hope the Gut problem is minor and fixable...

Brandi @ Frugal Farmhouse said...

I can not stop watching the trial either! UGG... it is really an addiction.. stupid 24 hour news haha!

Cheeseboy said...

Good luck with the doc. And I haven't been to Moab since I was a kid, I think.

Loralee and the gang... said...

I have been watching the updates too. Do you think Casey is guilty? I go back and forth on that one... hope you figure out what's going on with your gut.

Kelly said...

Now I want Doritos too!

wendy said...

Hey I had 5 kids....that means you are really in "awe" of me huh. (tee,hee)
All these little get togethers, and "eat outs" sound FUN!!!
Cajun Fries??? sound wonderful. I have a soft spot for fries...It's called my GUT.
speaking of gut, hope yours is ok. Stress does awful things to us.
I wuv you

Diaper Diva said...

High blood pressure is never good. Could not be stress?
She is doing her own hair, too cute!

Lara said...

My Bria has not let me touch her hair since she was about 4. Well, sometimes I had to bribe her to let me do it (like when we had family pictures or something!). But, now that she's almost 11, she seriously can do her hair better than I can do mine. She's amazing!

I hope you enjoyed the Doritos!