Wednesday, June 22, 2011

San Diego - Coming home and a wrap up

Each of us have our own coping skills for tough days


The people in the car loaded up early and headed out.  Chloee slept a little longer while I dozed off and on and started stressing about life in general.

Corbin and Karalee picked us up, we went to lunch and then dropped us off at the airport.

Chloee is now very much used to the drill of security.  Take off your shoes, put your backpack in the tray and walk through the metal detector.  After standing in a long line of course.

When we left SLC  - the minute a TSA saw I was traveling with her, we were taken to the front of the line and whisked through without incident.

Not so in San Diego.  We waited in the only security line visible.  After several minutes and finally at the front, the TSA agent looked at my boarding pass and wanted to know if I had heard her announcement. Well, geez obvio not if I am in the wrong line here.  She sends me another section of the airport and ANOTHER security station.

This time, there isn't a line, but we still are hurrying in case anyone comes behind us, we would't hold them up.
There is no metal detector this time.  The only option is the full body scan.  I ask the TSA agent if I can go first.  No.  Little one first.  I tell Chloee to listen to the man and do as he says.  She tried really hard, but he doesn't speak English very well and gets increasingly frustrated because she is not putting her feet EXACTLY where he wants them and raising her arms to the EXACT angle required.  I ask him again if I can go first and show her.  No.  She looks at me a little stressed.  I glare as much as I dare to at the agent but holding back since I don't want him to decide there should be any groping of me OR her.
Finally, he is satisfied with her stance and gets her through.  I'm next.  Once I am safely through, I go ahead and mutter as loud as I dare, how stupid I think the whole process is and what kind of freak is looking at a naked 4 year old right get the picture.

Once we land in Oakland, I check our boarding pass for our gate and we head there.  We have a few minutes so I grab some snacks and boot up the computer.  As time goes on, I see it's getting closer to our flight time and there isn't anyone at our gate.  I look around for the TV's to see if our gate has changed.  Can't see any.  I double check the boarding passes.  We are at the gate listed.  I look at the gate screen and see two cities, but neither of them are SLC.

Little nervous.  I approach gate agent who informs me that the gate has changed.  Oops he says, better announce that.  He gets on the PA system to announce to NO ONE  that the gate has changed.
I look around for the direction of our ACTUAL gate, it's clear across the freaking airport.  I look at the time. We have two minutes.

"Chloee honey, we have to RUN!"

We take off sprinting down the halls of the airport.  I give her credit - girl can run!  She kept up fabulous and made it to the gate just before they shut the doors.  We were literally the last people on the plane.

Now SW is a seat yourself ride.  Normally, we would have boarded in the family boarding section and managed seats just fine.  This time however, it was a full flight.  Do you think we could find two seats together?  Nope.  Do you think anyone would offer?  Even the several SW crew people on board?  Not bloodly likely.  Finally a woman offered to move so we could have to the two seats together.  Thank you lady.  I think you may have been a SW employee since you were in the same color shirt.  Thank you.

After that, the rest of the trip was uneventful.  Tib picked us up at the airport, we got home, unpacked and settled back in.

Once I finally got a keyed up Chloee in bed and asleep, I had time to think over the weekend.

I am so happy for Corbin and Karalee.  It is clear that they love each other very much, and while their courtship may have been unconventional, I think it was perfect for them.  They have a darling apartment, he has a great job with the corps and they are finally together and happy.

Chloee loves Karalee and was able to bond quite a bit with her before the wedding.  Corbin and Chloee have a bond that is difficult to describe.  Even with all the time that they have had to spend apart, there is an unmistakable bond.  She will adjust just fine to her new life.  I think the rest of us back in UT will have the harder time.
Me?  (of course me, this is MY blog) - I am afraid that I might not have been the warmest most touchy feeling person in So Cal this past weekend.  It's certainly not a reflection of how I feel about the marriage or Karalee and I was grateful that we could go to lunch before and I could tell her this. 

There has just been A LOT of crap in the past 6 months and I am still processing it all.  Grieving for Jill.  Grieving for Chloee and her loss.  Adapting to the fact that Corbin will be away for at least 3 years.  Sure, Cali is close, but it's not like they can just jaunt over for Sunday dinner.  A new family.  New inlaws.  New life with Chloee since Christmas, and now a new life without her.  Some days it's just too much for me.  I can't wrap my head around what HAS happened, and what WILL happen.  Not that the future isn't going to be fantastic, it is, I just can't get my head there yet.  And if that doesn't make sense to anyone, it's okay, I don't expect it to and the beauty is, it doesn't have to.  It doesn't even make sense to me. 

The bottom line - I am thrilled for Corbin and Karalee.  They are darling together.  He makes her happy.  She makes him happy.  Chloee is happy being with them. 
That really is all that is important and matters.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS  Corbalee (Corbin/Karalee combined)!!

Mama is so very, very happy for you!


tammy said...

It's so rude when people don't move for people with children. I hate that. And the TSA is a joke. One time in SLC, the guy was too busy looking at the girl's cleavage in front of me, that I could've walked through with anything I wanted.

Cherie said...

Sounds like quite a wild ride in the airport - Talk about stress!!

You have had SO MUCH on your plate these past months but I am in awe of how well you handle everything and YOU and Your sweet husband are THE ROCKS that hold it all together and that is alot!! Your family is doing great and all will be well because of your endurance and your great faith!

Healthtec Software said...

That is absolutely true...each of us deal with it in our own way and that depends on how resilient we are to the environment and our coping up capabilities.EMR

wendy said...

you certainly have been through a GAMIT of emotions lately. so many things to deal with.

I am beginning to HATE flying because of all the hassles "they" seem to create. Its pathetic.

reminded me of a funny story when I flew home to Canada from SLC. You have to go through Customs (another freaking joke)
as usual for me......I too ended up in the wrong line. there basically was very few people checking in at customs on this particular flight, so I just pranced on up.
The customs dude waved me up and said "are you a pilot or stewardess"
me..."huh?, nope"
customs dude .."well you are standing in the aisle for only pilots and stewardess' need to go over THERE"
I look "over there" one in line
also the line I was in had NO such flight personal in it
so.....being the good little Canadian that I am, I sauntered over "THERE".
THEN...Idiot Custom dude motions to me
"well, since there is no one in line, I guess I can help you over here"
He just HAD to make a point that I was in the wrong line.
I hate flying

wendy said...

NOW>..I did go back and read all you other wedding posts.
I love the color of red and white on the beach.
beautiful bride and your son looked dashing in his uniform!!!
Chloe's outfit was so dang cute and all her facial expressions in the photos were priceless.
AND...I MUST SAY, YOU LOOKED PERFECT IN YOUR SIZE 12 DRESS (get it....Wha ha ha ha , size 12)

Mamafamilias said...

I'm happy for them too. And how adorable was Miss Chloee in her Fancy Nancy dress! Congratulations to all.

Diaper Diva said...

Congrats to the newlweds! What a whirlwind of events and emotions. Chloee was just beautiful in her fancy dress. I would like to hug that dear sweet couple thanking our soldiers and their families.Take a breather, you deserve it!

LKP said...

+ to that a warm WOOT WOOT from washington! :)

glad ya'll traveled safely. busy busy busy just to get home, but so happy you finally got home and re-settled for the time being.

love you so much!

Garden of Egan said...

I love the sign in your neighborhood. I bet it gets a lot of looks. Hopefully it makes people think.

Glad you are home safe and sound. It doesn't matter what happens from here on out, you my friend, have been through some serious changes. I may take years to process all of it.
You have done so much and have been there so much for Corbin and Chloee. I can't even begin to wrap my brain around everything.
I'm sure part of you will be happy to get back to your normal routine...whatever normal is. But there will be a HUGE gap where Chloee has been.

Your newlyweds look so happy.

YOU are beautiful.

DesertHen said...

What a trip home that was! Why oh why do they have to pat down a 4 yr. old! Geesh!!!! And to not let you go first....that's so not right!

I haven't been reading as long as most of your followers, but I know you have been through so much and I think you are doing an amazing job! I know as a wife/mom/friend, sometimes we hold it all together on the outside while we are falling apart on the inside. That's okay, we can do that sometimes, but just remember to take moments for just you to help with the processing of all you have been through these past many months. Your heart is already there and has embraced all of the changes...your head will soon follow.

((((BIG HUGS)))

Sue said...

I think you have every right to take some time to process everything.

You've had the highs and lows all at the same time.

Pain and joy all wrapped up. You are an amazing woman. You always tell it like it is, and we can all relate to you.

hugs to you!!

Teachinfourth said...

Sorry about all the airport fun, but I'm glad you got back in time and had the Tibster pick you up at the about a fun end to a trip! said...

Huge sigh of relief for you, honey!