Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesay Wrandom Wrambling

It's been a long day and I am exhausted.  I debated about even posting anything, but I figure if I can release some of the randomness rattling around in my head, I might sleep better

Either that or the melatonin is gonna kick in

Splenda bought a new car. If I wasn't so tired and lazy I would go take a picture and post it.  It's a sharp looking Honda accord.  Now to sell his old Honda to Tufftanna, park the Pathfinder and drop it off insurance, and then sell his Mustang we'll be in good shape.

Anyone want to buy a Ford Mustang GT?  Dude has barely driven it, and the previous original owner barely drove it.  Here's the link to the ad
Of course Splenda will negotiate the price.  It's been a hard decision for him to make.

Went to a couple of bridal showers this week for Karalee.  The reality is setting in.  Just 3 more weeks really.  Still need to find a dress and one more thing for Chloee.

Have a 100 mile bike ride on Saturday and then a marathon the Saturday after.  So unprepared it's not even funny.  And I have been having some neck and back pain so my training hasn't been going well.  This should be interesting.  At least I know I have an out for either event.  I can back out of the 100 miler and only go 80.  And I can walk part of the marathon if I need to.  I just hate the anxiety of being unprepared.

Now that we got a Ragnar spot, I can't even run it with my team.  It's the same weekend as the wedding.  Sucks.

Considering going shorter with my hair and a wowza change in the color.  Like Marilyn Monroe blond color.  Too chicken to pull the trigger.

With all the bridal showers, and talks of weddings, I am hearing all kinds of advice for couples.  How did I get so lucky with Splenda?  What is our secret?  I have no idea.  He's a saint is what he is.

My hard drive crash on my latptop and I lost all the addresses to the private blogs I follow.  If you once invited me, could you invite me again?  I also lost a lot of pictures.  Not ones that can't be replaced but it's a pain in the patootie.

Today we had a glimpse of summer.  And then I blinked and it was gone.  The weather might just out me over the edge this year.  I hanging on by a thin thread as it is.

And now that I know that milk products make me sick, all I can do is crave a milkshake.  Awful.

It seems as though the meds are kicking in....

Peace out and hoping for a great Thursday


Garden of Egan said...

Some serious excitement coming your way.
Sorry about the Ragnar, but really, you're getting the better end of the stick.
You'll have cute toenails instead of having them beat to pieces "Ragnaring" them to death.

You have to take picctures of the dresses.

Blonde? Hmmmmm........gotta think on that one. (cuz my opinion is so dang important and all)

Hope the sleep is beautiful.

tammy said...

Luvpilot was lactose intolerant for awhile, but then it went away. At first he couldn't figure out why every time he was at home, he was getting sick. He actually thought I might be slowly poisoning him. But then he realized it was because he didn't drink milk or eat dairy products on the road. Funny. But now it's kind of gone away. He did take those lactose pills when he wanted to eat some ice cream. Maybe that will help?

Sorry about the Ragnar. Excited about the wedding though.

So like total blond, or highlights?

gigi said...

Sorry about the weather wo's, the milk thing, the race, and the laptop. You've got a lot suckin right now but...
Excited for that wedding and all the pictures you are gonna share!
About the hair, GO WILD!!!!

Connie said...

You could go a lovely silver color with your hair! I'll send my bottle to you! :)
You doing the Little Red Riding Hood race on Saturday? A Marathon the next weekend? I can't even imagine at this point!

You really rock, you know that?

Erin said...

What a bummer to have your laptop go out. Ugh.

I want to chop my hair off. Like, above my ears. I can't seem to pull the trigger either.

Pedaling said...

do the blond thing. why not?
it would be fun.

Toyota's and Honda's best cars ever.

Cherie said...

You have ALOT going on chickie!!

All I have to say is that I think you should do the blond thing!!

Amy said...

Have I mentioned how awed I am by your athleticism. I can't even run half a mile without wanting to die.

The weather around here is enough to drive anyone off the deep end. Hopefully, we are in for brighter days. Good luck with everything on your plate.

Mom of 12 said...

I'm so sorry you can't have milkshakes! I don't know how you can possibly deal without having ice cream...

wendy said...

Hey, blondes have more fun. Just ask me. (ha ha) be daring, it's just color and you can always change it.
My DIL (Matt's wife) always runs in the Ragnar.
100 mile bike ride...really??serio??
I just listen to all you chicks talk about your runs, marathons, workouts, Zumba classes....and I feel like Fat Bastard.
sorry about the mild lactose thing going on...but hey, you don't like cheese anyway. so no loss on that one eh.

Vanessa said...

Only 3 more weeks? That is coming up quick.

My friend had to drop out of the Ragnar, and I thought about you taking her place, but I guess you can't go anyway. Sad face :(

Vanessa said...


I fully support short haircuts.

Sue said...

I just cut my hair short, and am loving it..Blonde is good. If you don't like it you can always go back.

I crave dairy, but wonder if its the best thing to have. Are you feeling any better without it?

Am excited for the wedding. Can't wait for the pics.

Missy said...

100 miles???
I am praying for you girl!!

Natalie said...

You would look cute in any hair color. And I love the Tufftanna nickname. Those two are even cuter than Brangelina!

Mrs. Organic said...

I think the hair change would look hot on you. Do eeet!

tiburon said...

I am glad we found you some pills so you can have ice cream. And I am glad you did the ride. And I love you.