Wednesday, June 22, 2011

San Diego - Post wedding dinner

Oh Buca di Beppo - how I love you!

Streets of down town (wherever we were) - how I don't!

Parking...interesting.  Did you know that in southern Cali that they would charge you to take a poop if they could?  OY VAY!  40 bucks just to get out of the hotel on the beach parking and now..... you know what?  It's all cool - this was FUN!  And an adventure!  And so far, my spanx was holding up!

We all met up at the restaurant and ordered several dishes to be shared family style.  Karalee's mom and sisters had a beautiful cake all ready and once everyone got there, it was great! 
Someone was very tired though..... remember the whole schedule being off? 

Liking Daddy's decorations

Kayla is a total sweetheart and had made bracelets for each of the girls and put personal charms on them all

Mine had a D, M, Faith, and a Running Shoe.  How cute is that?  It really meant a lot to me to see all the work she had put into them.  Each girls was unique to her.  And you can kind of see Chloee's in her hand.  White beads with a C charm.  Thank you Kayla!!

After the eating, it was time for cake!

I think both of them were exhausted and once the cake festivities were done, they were OUTTA there! 

We were right behind with a sleepy, tired Chloee and Mimi who couldn't wait to get to our bed!

PS - I can honestly say that I once again found spanx to be overrated.  It just shoves the fat other places.  And just so you know, I can drive with one hand and rip of my spanx with the other.  Just ask Montana (if she wasn't too traumatized)


Pedaling said...

sounds wonderful.

Karlee is beautiful and I love her dress. and just something about a man in a romantic.

on the beach, the colors....congratulations to you all.

DesertHen said...

Loved all of the wedding photos! Such a beautiful couple and family! Congradulations to all of you!

Girl,you've got talent if you can rip of your spanx and drive at the same time....LOL!

Sue said...

I loved all the pictures of the wedding.
What a beautiful couple they make!

Nancy said...

What an adorable little family they make! I'm so glad all are happy and that the wedding went well. Love Karalee's dress and Chloee's, too. If I wasn't LDS, I totally would have had a beach wedding. So romantic! Congrats to all! :]