Wednesday, June 22, 2011

San Diego - Day 2 continued......THE WEDDING kinda......

The long awaited day!

Corb called on our way home from the beach and wanted to come get ready at the hotel room.  No worries, we threw everyone else in the shower, and then when they left to get food, Chloee and I started our primping process. 

Chloee's dress was beautiful!  GORGEOUS!!  She loved it for about an hour.  Then all she could do was complain about getting it off.  It was in her way.  She couldn't walk.  It itched. .......... we spent a lot of time distracting her.  Girlie girl - she is not!

One last shot (or 4) of just our fam before leaving the hotel

Chloee don't pull a funny face - just smile please

Tuffy thought Rob said to PULL a funny face

Try again

This is as good as it's gonna get - and I think it's pretty darn GOOD!  What a beautiful family I have!

So, me, Tuffy, Tana and Chloee were in Kayla's car with the GPS and address all punched in.  Corb and Luke are in his car, and Splenda and Robby are in Splenda's car.  All equipped with GPS.  All with the same address.

Have you driven near Coronado beach?  Yeah, the streets aren't straight.  Anywhere.

At least Montana and Chloee amused themselves with the camera.  These were all taken by Chloee:

I LOVE her little red piggies!

So, some frustration as we drove around trying to find where we were supposed to be.  Finally the hotel that we believe we are supposed to be at.  Score some free parking.  Get out, wander around only to discover that we should be ACROSS the street!

Splenda votes to leave the cars parked there and walk.  Talked into moving across the street.  18 turns later, we make it into the RIGHT parking lot and start unloading and heading for the beach.

Everyone is getting excited and as we meet up with Kar's family - everyone is so lovely and looking great!

We get on the sand and Chloee is in heaven!  She wants to run in the sand, play on the rocks, and goof around.  The adults are trying to get the arch put together, meeting (some for the first time) and Karalee is with the photographer.
I decide to hand my camera over to Roboyto and let him go with it.

Just as it's getting time to get in our places, Chloee has to go potty.

Sah-weet!  No potties on the beach my friends.  She and I leave and hike a good half mile to the hotel and around the front to find a restroom.

Hope they don't start without the flower girl!


Cherie said...


Cherie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVe all the wedding pictures.

Love the colors!
Love the beach!!
Love how handsome the groom looks in his uniform!
Love how gorgeous the bride is!
Love the picture of a newly minted happy family and the big smile on a little sweet girls face!!


DesertHen said...

What a sharp looking family indeed! Everyone looks stunning! Love the colors, love the "smiles" and what a beautiful arch set in a beautiful location!