Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Red Corner China Diner - WINNER!

Splenda and I took Chloee to China last night for dinner.  At least that's what Chloee thought. And since right now, she has a fascination with China (I think her many chinese classmates are prompting the curiosity), she was game to go try "China food"

She wanted to make sure that the people talked Chinese as well.  I think she was trying to ensure authenticity.  She was NOT disappointed.  I even had her say hello to Sam in Chinese (thank you Ni-Hao Kai-Lan )

She gave the chopsticks a whirl, ate all the broccoli in her beef and broccoli dish, and Splenda and I tried a new dish.  Just so you know, the Spicy Shrimp with cashews is now our new FAVORITE!!

Sam took great care of us, and then once the eating was done - it was time to draw the winner......

Aimee!!!  Congratulations!  Please email me your address and the gift certificate is YOURS!
Sam mentioned that he is going to give me more to do additional give-away's.  He is trying hard to get the word out about his little place.  And honestly, if you just give him a try, you'll not be disappointed.  Especially if you choose anything with one of those little peppers, meaning hot!  His spicy is to DIE for!

**and yes, that is Chloee in the background saying "look at me"**
*** I realize I look like crap in the video - next one will have me sparkling***


CountessLaurie said...

I heart you.

tammy said...

Congratulations Aimee!!

And I agree with the Countess.

If I lived closer, I'd be trying them out. Instead I'm telling my family to.

Connie said...

Good for Chloee for eating her broccoli! Good for Aimee for winning the gift certificate! Good for you for looking so good when you think you look like crap!

gigi said...

Amen Connie, my thoughts exactley!
Yeah for Chloee, yeah for Aimee and you go you mother of the Groom!

Garden of Egan said...

That is so cute!

You do NOT look like crap. I worked all day in the ER........I know crap.

Just sayin'

Cholee is a doll and looks like she's ready to take on Asia.

Scrappy Girl said...

I love you even more now that I have heard you

Cherie said...

So good to hear your voice M!!

You know Chinese food sounds really good right now, really good!!

Looks like a great little place and I love anything spicilicious!!! YUM.

P.S. You could never look like crap!!

P.P.S. I think Chinese would go good with Breaking Dawn - Just sayin!! ROTFLMAO!!!

mintifresh said...

So you're killing me over on Facebook (Treasure Trove, among other places) I had to hop over here for more!

And to witness a child eating broccoli is always a miracle! ;)

Aimee said...

Me? Really! Awesome! I've never won a giveaway, really... I really want to email you, but I don't know your email. :) Thanks! eaimee @ gmail .com.

carma said...

you look great - it's probably just the low lighting in the restaurant. That would be my excuse anyway ;-)