Wednesday, June 22, 2011

San Diego - Post wedding

HAH!  You thought I was gonna say something about a honeymoon.  Nope.  Some lines I don't cross - believe it or not.

Saturday morning dawned and there was no way I was going to the gym.  I was tired.  I was aching from sleeping on a bad bed in between Splenda and Chloee.

Corb and Kar needed us to sign the marriage certificate as witnesses so we left Splenda's car with the kids and we took Chloee and headed BACK to Camp Pendleton.

This is what we saw at the gate to enter
A darling retired couple who chose to spend their Saturday morning standing outside the gates of the Marine base thanking every Marine and their family who returned.  I want to grow up to be like them.

Corb and Splenda built their kitchen table while Karalee, Chloee and I ran errands.
In the evening everyone gathered at their place for a family BBQ
Chloee enjoyed being with her daddy!

Some of us watched a movie and others chatted and played with Chloee.  At the end of the night, Luke and Robby stayed at the apartment, the rest of us went back to our hotel room and spent the last night in beautiful So Cal.


tiburon said...

La-la-la-LOVE all the pictures. I am bummed that I couldn't make it - because I totally would have. But I loved seeing all the pics. So glad that C and K are official.

And I COMPLETELY disagree with you on Spanx. said...

First off, Chloee is adorable.
Secondly, it sounds like everything went smoothly and that's relieving.
Thirdly, you need to keep your nose out of the honeymoon anyway!

Connie said...

What fun pictures! Congratulations to the beautiful couple! I can only imagine how much you're going to miss Chloee when she stays in SanDiego!

just call me jo said...

It's hard to leave the little ones behind, but...there's always that good night's sleep to look forward to. Enjoy.

Pedaling said...

i want to be like the couple with the sweet.

a new future and wonderful life ahead....very exciting, though bittersweet.

tammy said...

Love that couple.

And I loved seeing all the wedding pics. I hope they are very happy!

DesertHen said...

What a sweet couple and what a wonderful way to say thank you as well!

Looks like Chloee was liking that playground. =)

Sue said...

"Thank you" back sweet couple, for reminding us of what a little kindness and gratitude can do for others..

So happy for your son♥

Teachinfourth said...

Okay, those people were AMAZINGLY cool...I need to be more like that, too.