Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Mail from Etsy!

I confess, until a couple of months ago, I didn't even really understand what the crap Etsy was.  I thought it was some weird Mormon lady term that I was unaware of.

And then, my BFC's daughter started a shop making homemade PONIES!!

Chloee has been requesting a pony.  A pink pony to be exact, and well, if Chloee wants it,  Chloee gets it.

So I contacted Cass, gave her the specs that I wanted, took some recommendations on the bridle and harness, arranged shipping and payment and......voila!

I came home from an appointment Tuesday to a note in the mailbox that a package in Chloee's name was waiting for her at the post office.  So as soon as I picked her up from school, straight to the post office we went.

She carried in her tag, and after I lifted her to the counter, she told the man "I have a package".  Who says postal workers are crabby? Not this one!  He was so cute with her.  Checking to make sure she was really indeed Chloee and then handed her the large package.  When she saw the size of the box, she squealed and the postal worker said, "It's taller than you are", to which she replied " It's my same age!"

She literally vibrated all the way home until we could get into the kitchen, get Splenda's assistance and get that 'present' opened!

It took a little bit to really figure out what she was supposed to do with it, but once she got it, she loves it.

The beautiful Pony came with a card written directly to Chloee:

"Dear Chloee,
Someone who loves you very much found this pony for you and just knew you'd love her : )   Take good care of her!  She loves apples & she loves to run & she's so excited to have fun with you!

How cute is that?  A personal note to the new owner! 

We discussed names and she first dubbed the pony Zaboo - it has now changed and is Sam.  Just plain ole Sam.  Love it!

Sam has been out to eat with us, riding in the car, backyard runs, and in bed.  Sam is a hit!

(just realized as I posted the pictures that the bridle and harness that you see in the video are missing from Sam - I think Chloee wanted to give her free rein for a bit)

And now, if you think you might have someone in your life who would love a Pony - hit my BFC's daughter Cassie at her Etsy site and order yours!  Use the coupon code GIDDYUP10 for a discount!


Ty said...

I love Chloee's reaction. Its great to have captured it!

tammy said...

That is so stinkin' cute! I love how excited she was. said...

Too freakin' adorable! It's a thousand wonders she was able to contain herself while her dad was cutting open the box. The excitement was rolling off of her in waves!
I think Sam has found the perfect new owner.

Diaper Diva said...

Adorable! estsy anything is dangerous ground for me.

just call me jo said...

Etsy a "mormon lady 'term..." that's so funny. Love the pony.

Connie said...

It's good that Chloee can have the bridle on or off! Very cute!

Pedaling said...

Sam is the perfect name.
I love the thoughtfulness of people.
Good people.
Very sweet.

gigi said...

What a sweet voice you have and Chloee too :) I love hearing your Utah accent.

That is a great Pink Pony and I love the name Sam. Plain and simple.

Mamafamilias said...

Love, love, love that baby's face when it's coming out of the box!

I bought a pony at a yard sale for the Love Potions and they have had the most fabulous time with that thing. Of course, there's only 1 horse and there are 2 Love Potions........

Sam is very cute! But not as cute as Chloee.

Natalie said...

That is soooo cute! I love Chloee's reaction. What a talented niece I have.

wendy said...

absolutely darling.
I love it...what Chloee wants, Chloee gets.....sounds like a true grandma.

I wish her many happy trails.

carma said...

awwwww...that is so sweet :-)

Amy said...

How fun to have a pink pony! Too cute that she takes it everywhere.

LKP said...

she is the cutest darned cowgirl ever!!! i love how she bounces up and down right in time for the big reveal. seriously could just snuggle that girl right up in oodles of hugs!!! ::hugs::

gullywasher said...

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