Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm ready - Bring it Happy Valley

Before the bottom fell out of our lives last year, I had signed up for Wasatch Running Companies Grand Slam.  I had done the St George marathon - was still high afterwards and extremely optimistic about this season. 

I paid the entrance fee and agreed to run 4 (yes that is FOUR) marathons this year.  Go me.

They gave me 6 options to choose from, and as soon as I could, I registered for the four I could get into.  Tomorrow is the first.

Utah Valley Marathon.  It begins up Provo Canyon, comes down and ends somewhere in Provo.  Like how I really know the route? See, I'm one of those that doesn't like to look at the route, the elevation, the hills, NONE OF IT.  I like to just take it as it comes and not spend time plotting too much of a strategy based on route.

So here we go.  The most mileag,e in one single run, I have put in this season was 13.1 in the Salt Lake half marathon.    I've heard stories of training plans that have you maxed up to a full marathon and tapering down.  Plans that have you max at 20 and taper down.  Heard of people who barely train - maybe 10 miles and then go run a marathon.  I figure this is a TRAINING marathon.  I've done one.  It's fresh in my mind.  I remember the pain in my hips and feet and legs.  I remember the looooonnnnnggggg 4 plus hours it took.  I remember the last two miles and how I thought I was running through concrete.

But I also remember the exhilaration!  The people, the cheering, the sense of accomplishment.  I remember seeing faces in the crowd who took the time to make eye contact with me and cheer me on when they could tell I was barely moving.  I remember the blessed finish line.

And so, I go and do again.  My only strategy is to finish before they yank me off the course.  Which is after 6.5 hours.  I just have to finish before 12:30.  I plan on running, walking some, running more, walking some, running more.  It's more training than anything.  I will not wait until something hurts to stop.  If I realize that something is very wrong, I have promised to sag out.

In a few minutes Splenda, Chloee and I will head to a graduation party for a quick appearance and then to Provo to pick up my packet.  I love to wander the expo cause it gets me all stoked!  We'll meet Luke for dinner and some serious carb loading, and then I am going to crash at Luke's place.  The buses start at 3:30 am so I will be up early, eating breakfast, and prepping for the biggest event so far of the season.


I only hope (as always), that I don't end up like this:

So if you are in Happy Valley and can take a second to cheer me on, I'd appreciate it.  I'll be the old lady in black with a green camo hat.  I'll be easy to spot since I'll be near the end.  : )

Wish me luck


DesertHen said...

Good luck! Have fun! And I'll be cheering you on from NV. =)

Jewls said...

Woot! I'm glad I'm just doing the half. Wish I could stick around to see you but I gotta get out for a family reunion! Have fun...and use the port-a-potties, that guy is nasty!

Teachinfourth said...

From here I'll be cheering and waving - perhaps even 'raising the roof' for you, too.

tammy said...

I'm gonna carb load in your honor!

Tom said...

Godd luck with the race. That picture is so disturbing. I don't care how much you want to win the race, if that happens while you are running you should jump in the bushes and hide until it's dark.

Mrs. Organic said...

If I were in town I would so be there! Have a great race, you can do it.

Connie said...

You're amazing to do the marathon! You've done it'll do it again. Here's a little tip: Ibuprofen before and after. And for the guy, whose picture I'm trying to avoid looking at, Immodium AD. What a mess!

Tom said...

I was held up in traffic twice this morning while driving past University Ave. I didn't realize the marathon was so soon. I thought about you running with the many pained souls I saw. I hope it went well for you.

Amy said...

I hope the marathon went well. I didn't realize it was today. Again, I am in awe.

Rachel said...

I hope you had a wonderful race! I too am signed up for the Grand Slam and ran Utah Valley! I'd signed up for Ogden before it filled assuming it would be in the slam, so this was my 2nd in 3 week - blech! (I've told my friends to remind me to NOT sign up for the slam again!).
I'm a bit of a blog stalker of yours :) I have followed you for about 8-12 months now, but never left a comment. I wish I would've see this before the race and gotten to meet you! I think you are one amazing lady! After reading this entry I feel like a kindred spirit to you. I also hate to know the course before hand and never look - just take it as it comes, like life. I also have that picture on my FB account - Love it! :) Especially the people in the background and their faces!
I'm a bit of a running nerd, but had a wonderful time at the race yesterday and a very emotional run. If you'd like to stalk me a bit in return for all the stalking of you I've done you can read my report here:
thanks again for being an amazing woman! I look up to you in so many ways. Stay strong and I hope you're walking/hobbling well today :)

Katie said...

good luck!! They had an iron man in bosie yesterday. Its amazing what you people can do!


Garden of Egan said...

Oh my hell!
You did NOT post a picture of diahhrea!
I knew there was a reason I don't run when there are other people involved.