Friday, May 6, 2011

Funny Bone Friday

Who needs a kick board when you got boobs like Ana?

I've got a parademaker going on in my stomach

Mark has a puddle he wants to show you

Oh, we've shared more than just saliva.  We've slept together, with his wife right there watching.

Gasoline?  Check.  Matches?  Check.  GO!

So does that include Stewy showing us his beautiful butterfly stoke sans speedo?

If you don't start stooping down to my level, I'm not sure we can be friends

If you go off alone to fart secretly and someone catches you, you are required to hate that person.  For at least one minute or until the crop dusting stench dissipates.

I just swallowed some of his bubbles.  Please let him NOT have eaten Mexican last night.

Freebie Friday - all tied up!


Garden of Egan said...

What the aitch-e-double toothpick?????

You are cracking me up!

I hope yo have a fabulous Mothers Day!
Hugs and love!

Hope you are ready to run the big royal race!

CountessLaurie said...

Sounds like someone was having gas.... :-)

Mrs. Organic said...

I am so glad these are back.

wendy said...

Yup, pretty dang funny.
Fart bubbles.....ewwwwwww

wendy said...

My favorite quote from one of the Austin Powers movies
Fat Bastard: "nothing like the smell of your own brew"

tammy said...

My life is so boring compared to yours.

Diaper Diva said...

You are killing me. So wish I knew the stories behind these fabulous lines.