Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day - Family Day - Nice Day

Didn't need a special day to put our flag out - it hangs 24/7 -365

More on my feelings about the real meaning of  Memorial Day tomorrow on My Marine Monday

Today was about family and remembering those close to us that have passed on.

Took Chloee to Jill's grave to decorate.  Still no headstone, but there were flowers already there and we could see a small outline where the grass is almost completely grown together.  Another month, and the line will be gone.  I am hoping a headstone will be placed so that Chloee can always find her

Of course it was pouring!

She wasn't very interested in staying there very long, but it was raining and carrying the umbrella was pretty appealing after all.

We then headed to my brothers for a family BBQ.
I was told to bring my special crap, chips and chocolate
My special crap - BFF SIL is not a fan of seven layer dip.  I found a sour cream substitute and barely put any cheese on it.  The rest of the flavors overtake any yuckiness those would bring.  In fact, my "special crap" is a regular request at family functions - NGL - it's pretty dang awesome!

chips (excuse my jug of water)

and the chocolate.  Macey's grocery store to the rescue

And then it was all talking, chatting, catching up, teasing, eating and LAUGHING!

SIL's sister Carrie, Chantelle and her friend Lance

Me and BFF SIL

My girl Karalee!

Chloee with her cousin Alivia

Yeah, I am working that ketchup bottle

Splenda, Meina Bruder and mi Sobrina Brianna

Me and Meina Bruder

Whoa - what is this?  Splenda having some brown bubbles?  Mark this day down in history.  This will be maybe one of two days this year that he indulges.

Chloee's favorite treat - chocolate covered strawberries - thanks Carrie and Alan

Granny T with her grand and my grand - the girls having a good time!

It was a nice day.  I nice day to read fabulous fb posts about patriotism, military and gratitude.

Nice to take time out to help Chloee remember Jill. 

Nice day to be with family who are more than family - best friends!


" Hit It......." said...

The 1st. year is always the hardest when someone dies like Jill did. We are 10 years down and it's still hard. My parents have never recovered. I am glad Chloee wasn't too interested. I am also really glad she has you. xoxo.

Amy said...

Sounds like a great day. I love the 7- layer dip. Craving it now.

Nancy said...

Yay for family get togethers! Looks like lots o fun. I'm craving that special crap dip now! Looks yummy! Thanks!

just call me jo said...

I thought at first reading it was "crab" dip. Then I re-read and realized it was "crap" dip. Always my choice, too... Looks like a fun get together. I love the shot with the umbrella by the gravesite. Sad but sweet.

tammy said...

You are totally working the ketchup bottle.

My crap would have to have extra cheese and none of that icky green gooey stuff.

I'm hoping a headstone will be placed too. Something needs to mark the spot for Chloee to visit.

tiburon said...

What the heck is wrong with your hair in that kethcup bottle picture?

CountessLaurie said...

now I want dip. looks delish! great pics!!