Sunday, May 29, 2011

Things that are making me smile

Lipstick on little girls - multiple colors

eating string cheese during t-ball baseball

On her way to school - stylin.....

Chloee and Liam finding spiders. 

Jumping off bleachers

Silently mocking some dude who kept wiping his dog's butt.  Again and again and again.  This is the kinda stuff Splenda sees while waiting for me to cross the finish line.

Chloee still in her jammies and patiently waiting for me to run with her.

That is a lady.  In Walmart.  Splenda pretended he was texting while following her around.  Nice tats on the back of her legs and apparently she was wearing some very short shorts.  Although, that is NOT what it looked like from behind.

What else is making me happy?

June 17, 2011

October 21, 2011


Garden of Egan said...

OK.........wiping a dog's butt.
You gotta run faster dood...Splenda shouldn't have to look at that.

I can imagine that he's following people around at WalMart. I'm pretty sure I've never done something like that.

Love Cholee's lipstick.
Tell her to STOP looking for spiders!!! Right now.

Luff you girl.


If you don't want to chance poop in the car, don't bring the dog. Not worth wiping an animals hiney!
Ok,now I feel much better about my Walmart adventure, Thank you:)

gigi said...

Is that two weddings?????

Love the lipstick! You've got a lot to make you smile. Love it!

LKP said...

these are BEYOND smile-makers, these are ROFL-makers! :D ok, but maybe not the dates, but all the rest of the pics have me laughing. ::hugs::

Sandra said...

Going to start bringing my camera to Walmart. I think there is an entire website dedicated to Walmart people, I'd like a piece of that pie!
Love little girls in lipstick! Oh and that kitten, too cute!

Amy said...

I love my dog...however, I will not wipe his butt. That is just gross.

The other day I forgot to change out of my slippers before going to Wal-mart. I was wearing capri's with my slippers and was embarrassed for all of two seconds before I thought, "Heck. It's Wal-mart. They've seen worse."

I think little kids are a reminder from heaven that we need to smile. You can't help watch a child play and explore and not smile.

Nancy said...

I love the puckered up pic! She is just adorable!

I love going to Wal-Mart to people watch. When I was single and we were bored, my friends and I would dress up in wacky clothes and have a contest to see how many people we could get strange looks from. I won a few, but mainly is was due to my dancing. Yes. I'm that good. ;]

At least the dog butt dude was wiping the dog's butt and not his own in public. ;]

Pedaling said...

Splenda is a people watcher.
Love it!

Scrappy Girl said...

All those things made me smile.

tammy said...

Could she be any cuter? Except for the spider thing...they give me the willies.

I love Splenda.

I got June, but what's in Oct??

DesertHen said...

Gotta love Walmart. Never know what your gonna see!

That guy...wiping his dogs butt...Eeewwwwwww!!

Your blog makes me smile!

Happy Memorial Day!

Missy said...

These makes me smile too!

Mamafamilias said...

go there.

you'll never be the same again.

(Chloee makes me smile too)

tiburon said...

I will be 1 for 2. And that makes me moderately pleased.