Friday, May 6, 2011

My annual Mother's Day Gift list

I have a fantastic family that are kind and good to me every day of the year, but on this special weekend, I like to give them a little extra help.  You know - make their lives a little easier.  'Cause that's the kind of Momma I am.

I thought about just going and registering at Target and then giving them all the little cards that you throw in the wedding invites to let them know I was registered there (my girlfriend totally did this for her 40th BD- genius!)  but instead, I have other things that may not be found at Target so back to the list we go.

Speaking of Target, I would be happy with one of these
(gift card)
I do need some new clothes pretty bad and am happy to buy them at the Tarjay

Or one of these that you can find here
at $199.99 - it's a great deal if you all go in together and they are very highly rated Splenda Daddy.

So that I can store one of these, that you can read all about here

I'm sure we can find a good deal on one at a local dealer or through the catelog that we were looking at the other night.

I would be happy with a trip to
Knowing I prefer to go week 10 (in March), I am happy to wait, if I just had the promise that I was going
In case you forgot how to book our villa - CLICK HERE

I realize that these are some big ticket items and everyone is tight these days, so if they are just too much financially for you all, I would be just as thrilled if you all were home Sunday for dinner and brought me some of these:

And there you have it.  My wish list for 2011 Mother's day - Totally reasonable right?  Right???
No?..... who said Mom had to be reasonable anyway.

te amo mi familia!


CountessLaurie said...

ooooh, it's so pretty in pink :)

Suz said...

I could go for a pink gun and a trip to Mexico!

wendy said...

I think you went above and beyond your motherhood duties to help out your family with suggested mothers day gifts.
Um, I am kinda loveing the pink handled gun.

I hope your day will be a great one!! and of course they'll all show up for dinner...isn't that what kids do (tee,hee)

Scrappy Girl said...

I have no ideas for my family...but Mexico would

DesertHen said...

That's my kinda list! I have actually seen and held a pink/camo handgun recently! Very, very COOL!!

Have a Wonderful, Beautiful and Happy Mother's Day!

Jan said...

I just got told Te Amo by a friend and niece and now you :) Yay!!

I give you all the good things in life - whoosh.. there/enjoy

I love that picture of you all! Very proud of your family and thank your son for his service.. a nephew just called today telling us he joined the Marine's.. Semper Fi :)

Happy Mother's Day..

Garden of Egan said...

OOOOHHHHHH, nothing says love like a pink handled pistol. I love it.

You really would want a dog that has a black ring around it's eye?
I'm thinking that would cause more work for mama.

I have no clue what the black square box is, but I'm off to investigate.

Happy Mothers Day you hawt mama!

Wonder Woman said...

I have never wanted a gun....till now. =D

And most of my clothes come from Tarjay. I would be quite happy with a gift card to that magical place.

Hope you at least one thing from your list!

tammy said...

I'm pretty sure I need that gun too.

But I will settle with the gift of having my family around too. Luvpilot has already washed my car, cut up 15 cantaloupes so I didn't have to, and has promised other things that I will not mention here.

gigi said...

I'm thinking I need to do some arts and crap and paint my gun pink. Pretty cool! Happy MOther's Day my friend. Hope you get something off this awesome list!

" Hit It......." said...

Love this post. I want that pink pistol too. I am sure Splenda will take care of you. You are a wonderful mother.

btw - don't sell the toys, life's too short.

Diaper Diva said...

Registering before your 40th b-day, BRILLIANT. To bad I only have 3 days.
HAppy Mothers day to you!

Ann Marie said...

This is a BRILLIANT idea!
I may ask my Mom and MIL to do this next year. What do you buy people that have everything they want?

I am digging that pink gun.
Chad told me he was going to buy me one.. but this Mothers day.. I get a recumbant bike instead. :)

Love, relaxation and happiness to you this weekend. XO

Teachinfourth said... easy to please.