Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday

You know what tickles me pink?

T-Ball Baseball!!

Chloee's first game and what a kick in the pants!

The boys kept running ahead of her to get the ball.  I started telling her to run faster than the boys!

And can you see flat daddy watching her?

Waiting our turn to bat.  We don't share helmets.  Ever.   Not since during the boys little league days and we watched head lice go through an entire team because they shared batting helmets.  Ever since then, I have always had our own, and it's one thing we don't share.  Considering she is the only girl on the team, the boys don't want to user her stuff anyway : )

Trying to figure out where to run.  As soon as she would get to first base, she would point to the real baseball diamond and tell me she wanted to play there.

Getting ready to slide into home plate.  I think I need to dress differently if I am going to run the bases with her.

My favorite part was watching the sheer playfulness in the field.  Who cares about the game when you have the wind in your hair and space to spin?

Good job Chloee!

And thanks to Tuffy, 'Antana, Karawee, Jon, and Weswee for coming to the game!


gigi said...

That pink bat and helment are just killing me! My son bought the GRANDgirls a pink and a purple fishing pole. They know how to use them and Reagan caught a 2 1/2 pound bass. They love it.
I so wish their mama would let them play T-ball. Maybe next year! Go Chloee, GO!!!

wendy said...

Well....if I were there, I'd come to the game.
I LIVED at the ball diamond over the years with 4 sons. Best times of my life.
I never thought back then about the whole head lice thing. That is creepy.
so kudos on getting her a pink batting helmet.
She'll rock it and knock it out of the park.....or whatever.

Amy said...

I love the pink helmet and bat! Looks like she had a lot of fun.

{Mo} said...

First... look at you super sexy grandma! You make me want to take up running, if that's the end result, I just may!

Second... I never even considered the whole head lice/ batting helmet scenario! Now I'm all skeeved out and there isn't a heck of a lot I can do about it! Miss Carlie has a game tomorrow (the boys both have games Thursday) and I can pretty much garentee that there isn't a store in our village, or in the thriving metropolis of Fillmore where I'm going to be able to buy a batting helmet?!?!? I'm getting itchy just thinking about it!

Third... T-Ball ROCKS! Seriously, the kids are so cute and they're having so much fun... nothing better! And did I mention Miss Chloe is ADORABLE?

LKP said...

hahahaha! i love this. GOOOOOOO CHLOEE!!!! :)

we didn't do t-ball or little league with daisy. she showed no interest in the stitched ball until this year (i know, i'm a sinner of a sports mom and i feel bad for not trying to get her at least more familiar with the game as a whole earlier). but she scored the ONLY run last week in a game her team was decimated in by 23 points. and in yesterday's game, she caught a VERY important pop fly for a VERY important 3rd out. they didn't win, but at least they kept the scored close! :)

tammy said...

I love how she's going to walk the ball home instead of throw it! There is nothing like T-Ball. Connor had 2 girls on his team and they were so funny to watch because they are just different. And you are rocking the skinny jeans girl!

Natalie said...

I love baseball girls!!!

Vanessa said...

Wahooo Chloee!

(Tell those folks behind home plate they need to scoot back a little. They are going to get whacked.)

carma said...

OMG that is too cute. I like how she has her glove out expecting the ball to just plop down in it. She is a brave girl to play with all those boys!!!

Mrs. Organic said...

Ugh, lice. Don't get me started.

She looks so cute!

DesertHen said...

Too cute, too cute, too cute! That pink helmet ROCKS! Love it!

Have fun! =)

Sue said...

she's adorable!

Jan said...

Adorable.. I remember those days!

You are as cute as ever and as fun and spicy as ever! Just love ya..

Kelly said...

Love that cute video! This reminds me of when my boys were super young and playing soccer. Half way through the game my second son would come sit on the sidelines and start searching for four leaf clovers. We couldn't persuade him to get back out there for anything. Great memories!

CountessLaurie said...

That is some serious cuteness going on there. Love the pink...

Motherboard said...

She is adorable! And, I love that you have a Flat Daddy! That's a brilliant idea! (Go Annette!)

Diaper Diva said...

Go Chloee!! I love T-BAll. I think I will get to park my rear there for Bubba next year. I can't wait.