Monday, May 16, 2011

My Marine Monday

I have two flags hanging outside next to my front door.

The American flag and a Marine corp flag.  Both are beautiful to me. 
Because of how our porch light sits, we can leave them out 24/7 because they stay lit up in the dark.  And even though they are heavy duty, all weather material, Splenda will bring them in if the weather is particularly nasty.

When the wind blows they are usually flapping and waving and I love to hear the snaps outside the window.

However, the last couple of days this week, I paid particular attention to what happened to them when the wind blew and the symbolism hit me.

They become all wrapped together.  And in every case that I have witnessed, the Marine corp flag is wrapped around the American flag.

Yesterday was particularly blustery and I noticed it more than I ever have before. 
 How symbolic. 

 The Marine corp LITERALLY protects America.    A Marine embraces his/her country and will withstand the elements to ensure it's safety.  A Marine answers the call no matter where it is to defend and protect our country and our citizens from those who would cause us harm.

The sight of this warms my soul and causes my heart to swell with pride that we belong to an amazing USMC family.

LCpl Catmull will be graduating MOS training school on Friday.  He will leave that night and fly directly to Camp Pendleton.
He'll get processed and begin looking for housing.
We get to see him next month. 
And while, I think his excitement will be for his wedding and his beautiful bride, I hope he'll be at least a little excited to see his Ma.

I know that I will be more than a little giddy to see him!


Megan and Devin said...

I love reading your blog, just so you know. Still a faithful reader, not so good at the comments. Miss you guys!

Suz said...

Love the flag pic!

Kristin said...

God bless the Marines! So grateful for their service (a fun analogy :)


Mae Rae said...

wow, that would have me warm inside every time i saw it too.

tammy said...

So proud and thankful for men and women like him.

I think Taylor's scout camp is going to be at Camp Pendleton next month.

Pedaling said...

No doubt, he'll be happy to see his ma, too.

Mrs. Organic said...

I love the symbolism in this, it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. I'm glad you get to see him soon.

gigi said...

Good Job! I know yall are proud of him and so looking forward to his wedding. This makes me smile.

Missy said...

LOVE this!
And, I am crying...

Teachinfourth said...

I'm thankful that they are there protecting us as well!

You did done did raised him real good you did!

Diaper Diva said...

So exciting that you get to see him soon. Congrats on his MOS graduation. I love the symbolism too.How great to have that reminder right outside your door every day!

Echo said...

I love the flags!!! Can I use them on my blog?

Sue said...

I love your perspective.

Perfect picture to symbolize the protecion and the connection to each other..

You know he can't wait to see you!!

I'm excited for the wedding to happen.

DesertHen said...

The photo of the flags made me cry! I'm sitting at my desk drying my tears! Good thing it is after hours and nobody is here to see me...Silly me! You are so very right on about the symbolism of the flags in the photo!

Congrats to LCpl Catmull on his upcoming graduation! WOOT!!

Amy said...

Great post. Love the flag picture. It gave me a fresh perspective of what it means to be a serviceman or woman.