Saturday, May 14, 2011

Challenger Spring program - How a hangnail can throw off a girl's groove

We've been looking forward to her FIRST school program!  I know that they have been working hard, practicing their singing and dancing and all that comes with a school program.

I received a report from Miss Christie that when they performed it yesterday for the Tues/Thurs parents, Chloee did spectacular.  I couldn't wait to see it today.

I helped her choose a cute fun outfit for the day and off to school we toddled.  The room was set up, so I left her at the sink washing her hands with the promise of being there later for the program.  She pointed to the chair that she wanted me to sit in.   She wanted me on the front row, up close.

I got there about 20 minutes early and walked into a line of parents and grandparents that extended down the long hall.  WHAT?  Really?  I have to give Challenger credit, they kept things very organized and orderly.  Not like a typical public school program where the parent practically fist fight over good seats.

We got in there and the particular chair she wanted me in was taken, but the one next to it was open, so I sat there and Karalee sat on the floor right next to me.  Her Teachers had already set up Flat Daddy with an up close position as well.  For the record, I am grateful for how supportive they are with him!

The headmaster welcomed everyone and then the kids came in

She is the one in the pink striped shirts, denim skirt and her cowgirl boots

Things to point were going well.  I was even able to capture some cute video

At a break in between songs she noticed that something was bugging her on her thumb.  It was a hangnail that she attempted to remove her self.
Not a good decision.

Next thing I know she is crying

She got out of her seat and walked over to me showing her her bleeding thumb.  I know it stings and the sight of blood has her upset.  I did the only thing I could do at the moment and that was to suck the blood off her thumb, console her and send her back to her seat.

No good.  More tears.  Sobbing.  No participating.

Luckily  Karalee had a bandaid, so I took it over to her and put it on her thumb thinking that it would solve the problem and she could keep going.


I gave her another minute to see if she could compose herself and she couldn't, so I motioned her over.  She crawled in my lap, snuggled her head in my chest and asked to just stay with me and snuggle. 

We watched her school friends finish the program (which was darling btw) and slowly the sting and the pain of her thumb subsided.  We were able to coax a few more smiles from her.


No school post would be complete without a few shots of her school work

And finally, Her favorite - Miss Christie!

Great job Challenger kids!
And a huge thank you to Miss Christie and Miss JuLee!


Jillybean said...

Loved the video! We have about 20 just like it ;)
We loved that school, they have such a great curriculum and the kids really love it! I think we might have been at the same location?

Cheeseboy said...


I get a ton of kids from Challenger in my class. Does that mean someday she might be in my class???

suz said...

I'm so glad Flat Daddy made it!!! and I love the butterfly!

(btw, PFC graduated yesterday, flew right out, slept at the Chicago USO, landed in SF this p.m. The Corps is NOT wasting time just now.)

gigi said...

That is one cutie patootie! I love school programs and having a GRANDchild in it makes it even better than when it was my own kids!! So glad you captured the smiles before the melt down. Way to go Karalee having a bandaid! Have bandaid will travel!

tammy said...

She is so.damn.cute. Did you see how carefully she put her flag away? That's daddy's girl for sure.

Garden of Egan said...

Oh my heck. That is so stinkin' cute.
Poor little hangnail girl. I love that you got a picture of the little meltdown.

I love Flat Daddy. Yay for the school for being so awesome.

I love that picture with the 3 of you. I bet Corbin is so proud/grateful.
You rock Melissa!
Besides, you're beautiful.

Mom of 12 said...

She is so cute! My 2-year-old has lots of hangnails and he does the exact same thing...any thoughts on a cure?

Diaper Diva said...

Adorable. Next to a good T-Ball game I love watching little kiddos perform. Dang Hang nail, try cuticle oil.

Teachinfourth said...


" Hit It......." said...

How cute! I miss the melt-downs (believe it or not). I am also very impressed with Karalee (she is going to be a good step-mommy). Flat Daddy is the bomb!

Connie said...

I love school programs with the kids. That video is so cute, especially with the "Three Cheers for Challenger" song! She is adorable!

Too bad about the painful hangnail!
That is so cool that the picture of her Daddy is at her school!

Pedaling said...

ouch..those hang nails are little boogers!

Sue said...

I love her art work..That picture of her with Miss Christie is so cute.

hangnails bring the worst out in all of us!

Kelly said...

I hate hangnails! You did the right thing. Love the "flat Dad"

Missy said...

Melissa, Chloee is the Bravest little girl!!! She just amazes me!

She is so cute with the Boots!!!