Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

I worked at the Intermountain Healthcare Park City hospital yesterday.  We went downstairs to the cafeteria for lunch and I was blown away. 
Real life chef who explained all his work.  All the meat is organic, no fillers, no hormones, straight up the real stuff.

The entree was a steak tenderloin smothered in a mushroom peppercorn sauce.  The side was steamed cauliflower with gala apples seasoned with rosemary.  It was delicious.  An excellent cut of meat, with absolutely no fat.  Cooked perfectly and oh so tender.

Everything  in that cafeteria was gourmet.  Everything was healthy, and again all organic.

The only sign of any kind of junk food was soda pop.  Not a candy bar or baked dessert to be found.  Even in the cooler was organic juices and milk.  And around the rest of the hospital?  Couldn't find one vending machine.

WOW.  That's all I have to say.  We were later told that people outside of the hospital come there just for lunch.  And after 4:30, you can pick up dinner to take home.


And my entree? 5 bucks. 

I need to move my office to PKMC


Jenny P. said...

I had my twins in a seventh day Adventist hospital... so all of the food was vegetarian, unless you specified you wanted meat. But really? It wasn't worth it. The food was all kinds of terrible. I'm totally impressed with your meal. It sounds delicious!

Jillybean said...

Wow! Not what you generally think of as hospital food. I haven't eaten breakfast yet, and that looks delicious.
Did you ask for the recipe?

Mae Rae said...

love meat! Yummy looking lunch.

tammy said...

That's because the spoiled rich people live up there.

My favorite hospital food was at St. Mark's. I had complications with my first pregnancy and would always end up in the hospital the same time they were serving their vegetable lasagna which I loved! Luvpilot thought I was faking it.

Pedaling said...

kinda like 1-800contacts where they have a chef in the kitchen and at rock bottom prices for the employees.

" Hit It......." said...

That food looks good. Amazing. I wish I had that kind of food where I worked.

Wife Of A Salesman said...

Yum... I ate popcorn from Target for lunch... but you know I've been craving popcorn since Sunday. Move work to Park City okay, move household to Park City not okay.

Cherie said...

That's pretty impressive. Not your usual cafeteria fair!

DesertHen said...

Wow indeed! That meal looks fab!