Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling

I'm so glad that we are all done with the "royal" wedding crap. 

That is until the mags come out with all the pictures and 'exclusive' coverage.  Meh

The only thing fun about it all was that The Countess wore a tiara every day.  That was fun

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo.  I wish I was Mexican.  And I'm craving tacos today.  Problem?

I missed the gym this morning.  Had a run all mapped out and planned for this evening, and then realized that I am on call at 5pm run.  Crap

Had my Mini in the shop.  DUDE!  I love my car, but it's frickin expensive to maintain!  I may or may not have busted the service manager's 'nad's for a minute jokingly.  I like the fact that they can dish it back.  And that they were advertising for the Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday

Speaking of the Komen Race for the Cure.  Chloee is running it with me.  She is SO EXCITED!  She has her running shoes.  She has asked repeatedly if Poppa will be at the finish line to take pictures and if he will cheer for her. Perhaps she has been to a few of my races?  Yeah, she knows the drill.

I think Spring finally made it.  Sunshine all week and actually warm temperature's.  I hate getting my hopes up, but Momma needs some serious vitamin D

Jack and Jordan area all healed and back to their playful selves.  Love to see them romping around.  Although my favorite is when Jack gets romping with Chloee.  Such bff's!

I might be the only one, but I am liking this season of The Office.  Sad that Michael Scott is gone, but if the writers do their job, they can continue the story and have it be funny.  I personally hope Will Arnett is the next boss.  He's one of my fav's

So yeah, perimenopausal.  Good times.  Cannot take any hormone replacement therapy due to the history of pulmonary embolism.  Gonna be f.u.n.

I started a private blog.  Documenting everything that has happened over the past 5 years.  So far it's taken me like 40 something chapters.  Every email J sent us, every facebook message from her, her friends, her family, her family's friends.  Every documentation that went to our lawyer.  Everything we ever had is now on my own little piece of the blogsphere.  The court documents, the fabrications and lies.  Our responses and documented proof of said fabrications.  I have it all.
It felt good to get it out of my system..  It was like putting it all into a sail boat and setting it free.  Buh-bye.
It provides a safe place for me to vent my feelings, add more crap if it comes up and document this particular ugly situation as it goes forward.  A private blog allows one to say exactly how they feel without the knowledge of someone stalking and reporting everything back and then having it get twisted and lied about even more.  It's mine, I own it, and no one but me or someone I invite can see it.  There is a sense of empowerment in that.  I highly recommend it.  Your own personal on-line journal.  Love it. SO therapeutic.

Happy that Osama was taken down.  Does it mean the war on terrorism is over?  No.  For every one bin Laden, there are 250 others that are vying for his place at them helm of the jihad.  I don't like Obama celebrating like he did it all himself.  Intel, and the special ops in the military did it.  It was 10 years in the making, I just find Obama to be the lucky sun-uv-a-gun that happened to be in the White House when it happened.

And now, I have to go find something to eat and save the tacos for tomorrow!


CountessLaurie said...

Happy Cinqo de Mayo a day early. Now I want tacos. And nachos. And fajitas... mmmmm....

Do I hear you are yourself wearing a tiara on Saturday's run? Tiara wearing is fun.

Pedaling said...

I could eat mexican food every day.

I'm looking forward to a happy sunny month of May! Yay for May!

Starting Chloee young on the runnin'
She's gonna love it!

Cherie said...

Now that the Royal Wedding is over we can all watch Marie Osmond marry her first husband - What the Crap???

Good idea to start a private blog to put down all your stuff. I'm thinking about doing that myself.

Enjoy your taco's!

Amy said...

Am loving the sun. Spent most of the day outside when work didn't keep me indoors. I look forward to seeing pictures of you and Chloe crossing the finish line together.

Ape and Eric said...

Hey, I got an invite to your private blog, but can you send it to this e-mail address - The other is my work e-mail and it blocks pop ups and such.


Mrs. Organic said...

Am thinking of doing a full Cinco de Mayo fiesta here, minus the booze. We need to start having more fun in our family.

tammy said...

I love that Chloee is excited about the race.

It is very therapeutic to get everything out. I'm glad for blogs because I wouldn't be so good at journaling if I had to hand write it.

I'm liking The Office too. Will has been funny. They needed their funny back.

gigi said...

Amen, how's that for short and sweet??

Jan said...

You so need to live by me.. We have live in a mini-mexico, so the taco's are the bomb here and very cheap :)

Wow you are always on the go! You definitely could have been a Navy Seal.. we need a few good women.

Have fun and don't forget that here.. it is Taco Tuesday - buy one get one free :) And the good kind too..

Garden of Egan said...

Glad you are getting some sun. I for one have had it with the pathetic excuse for a Spring that we've been having.

Ya, agreed with the Royal crap.

I look forward to seeing pictures of the run. You will look stunning in your tiara. Shoulda double dog dared ya to wear one of the Suess hats that was being worn. What a comical sight.

Love yer guts.

Glad you are enjoying the private blog. Pretty powerful emotions that you share.
Love and hugs.

LKP said...

you are a rock, girl! serio. may be wednesday wramblings, but look at how all of it is important! i look at my wednesday activities, aside from some overdue reading, and they doesn't seem as important at all. then again, if you ask mini-me, the ditching of mutual (don't anyone judge & don't throw stones...i struggle with mother's day and i was NOT in the mood for a mother's day shin-dig with YW) & buying of two VERY nice ensembles for mini-me's 8th grade graduation was important. (well one of the dresses is just nice and for church, but the other one's bea-u-ti-ful, and just formal enough that she won't feel frumpy around her peers who are all planning to rock full-on immodest prom formals. what-the-what is right!) anyhow we just replaced mutual with a great practical lesson on self-worth & modesty in a way we've never had to before. i'm thinking Heavenly Father understands. so i'll chock that one up to my most important wednesday happening of yesterday. :)
...and ya know what? i'm craving tacos too. but at 8:30 in the morning?! sheesh. ::hugs:: have a fab thursday!

Motherboard said...

Now I'm craving Tacos.

I have a private blog, too. It is the most therapeutic thing on the planet to have the freedom to say what I really say. Especially when you know there are people stalking your real blog and twisting your words and spreading lies. Everyone should get one. They're nice.

wendy said...

I do agree sometimes it feels GOOD to write things if we are talking to someone....who does nothing but listen and let us vent.
Sometimes you have feelings that run so don't think there is anyone who will understand or who you'd want to "reveal" these things too.

ya know, there is NOT ONE SINGLE mexican resturant around here. WOW, do I miss my Cafe Rio and such.

drives me crazy all the political bantering about taking down Bin Laden. Many feel it will help "solidify" Obama's status.

have a happy day my friend

Diaper Diva said...

I agree SO theraputic to get it all out!

carma said...

I've been so wrapped up in things that I haven't been watching the Office. Used to love the show. And Will Arnett? I didn't realize he was on there - Love HIM!!

A mini is costly to maintain?? That is good to hear that way I won't be tempted to buy one :D

Sucks about the hormone situation. Hang in there best you can.

Emily :) said...

uhhhh.... Can I have an invite to your private blog? I may need some advice in the future...
Loves... mle