Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

This morning did not go well.  I completely slept through my alarm.  All 5 times it went off. 
Chloee and I didn't wake up until 8:10 and that is the time I should be dropping her off at school. 
Do you know what it's like to hurry a 4 year old  who likes to move on her own time schedule?  Yeah.
She finally got to school at about 9:15.

I stopped on the way home to get a big gulp and decided I would need the leaded diet coke.

Perfect concoction.  Delightful.  An hour later I couldn't figure out why I couldn't keep my eyes open.  My Big Gulp was almost gone, and still no kick.

Then it dawned on me.  Out of habit I had put caffeine free diet coke and not the regular diet coke.  Fail.

Sent the boy and his girl back to the sev for the real thing and the real thing they brought me.  Full on MAN-COKE!  Been years since I had a real man coke.  Calories be damned, it was good!

I've discovered the ease of Hulu.  Am now spending way too much time watching all the shows I want to, but miss and forget to ask someone to set the DVR since I don't know how.

I refuse to learn how to set the DVR.  Somethings the menfolk in my house can just do for me.  I wash underwear, they set my dvr.  Plain and simple.

Jordan was having a pretty wild dream this morning complete with heavy breathing, paw twitching and some weird noises.  Jack was a little freaked out.  Enough to the point that he scoochied over to her, sniffed and licked her ear, and then laid down beside her watching her and me to make sure she was okay.

I love my dogs.

Unless one of them craps on the rug in my kitchen.

But then the boy who lives at home realized it was pretty much his fault and took care of the rug.  Rice was in a cup to absorb a wet ipod.  Jack decided to eat the rice.  No bueno.

Same man-child spilled the rice in the sink and both he and I rinsed it down the disposal drain.

Apparently that is a bad idea.

Splenda wasn't happy with us as he tore the drain apart and unclogged it all.

My blood pressure is high.  Has been consistently high for several months.  Doc told me to watch it and then come back and maybe try meds. 

I don't want to try meds.  Instead I am trying a natural concoction from Splenda's work.  It's a powder you add to water.

It makes me want to gag.

Last t-ball  baseball game, all the boys on Chloee's team started using her pink bat.  She was cool with it and decided to use the boys bat.  Some parents weren't happy their boys were using a pink bat. 

They should get over it.

We passed a little girl wearing a snow white dress.  I mentioned to Chloee how cute that was.

Chloee informed me she wanted to dress like a skeleton.

I like that she marches to the beat of her own drum.

Except when we are late for school and her marching is slower than I need her to be.


Garden of Egan said...

A MAN coke? I didn't realize that is what it was called.

How did the ipod turn out? I've yet to see rice good for anything except clogging the disposal.

Get the blood pressure under control!
I will NOT change your diaper when you stroke out. FIX it now. You might have to give up coke. Man coke or gay coke. It doesn't matter.

I'm kinda laughing at the thought of you trying to hurry Cholee....just learn it right now my friend, you are NOT in charge.

Kristin said...

. . . lovely random ramblings! Fun to read :D


gigi said...

Repeat!!!!! Get the blood pressure under control! NOW! Get the blood pressure under control! N.O.W.!

Don't make me worry about something else!
Happy Thursday!

" Hit It......." said...

My kids are 9 and 11 and they still don't move fast in the just want to chill! Chloee is a hoot! Most little girls want to be princesses (i.e.followers). That little girl will go far in life! I like her spunk.

Kelly said...

I like your ramble posts so much.

Mae Rae said...

interesting...i just recently read that your rushing does not go well with child rushing. I could have told people that a LONG.TIME.AGO!

Mrs. Organic said...

Man Cokes are better for your blood pressure than diet (way less salt). "Bummer" about the rug, I'm so sorry.

tammy said...

I love when the dogs are dreaming.

I also love Chloee. Connor always wants to be the scary bloody things for Halloween too. I can just see her taking her time getting ready in the morning. Taylor cannot be rushed either. I swear he's like a girl when he's getting ready for church. Takes forever!!

My blood pressure was high for awhile and I took meds for a month and hated it. Then we figured out it was from the pill.

Those parents do need to get over it. It's just a bat people.

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Thanks for such great ramblings!

Sue said...

Have you had your thyroid checked?

The only time my bp was high was because of thyroid issues.

glad you got your man coke. I drink caffeine free, and I know it does nothing for me. No kick nothin.

Haven't tried hulu..must do that.

carma said...

Hulu puzzles me. Whenever we look for a show we want to see the whole show is never there. It seems limited unless I am missing something which I may very well be. We don't have a DVR or Ti-Vo.

I hope your blood pressure will go down with the concoction.

I agree about the pink bat. Those parents need to chill. BTW, guess who's son just got on the cheerleading team? I need to do a post about it :D

Pedaling said...

My youngest always wanted to be a scary costume.
Funny. Hoped it helped.
Maybe this week-end will be the one to get caught up on your rest.

Missy said...

Full On Man Coke is the Best!!!
I would have loved to seen the boys using the pink bat!! LOL
I love Chloee!!!

Amy said...

I love Hulu. Last week I was completely at a loss when I watched the season finale of Bones. Then I stayed up late with Hulu to watch the previous 2 episodes and went "Ah ha. Now it makes sense."

I agree with you about the pink bat. It is dang cool and the other parents really need to chill. It's just a bat.

I have to have the full on Man Coke. No diet stuff for me. Nasty.

LKP said...

i love you! i'm off to hulu to brainlessly soak up an episode of Glee before i have to prep a so-so lesson for Sunday school. just not into life the past couple days. trying real hard, but not a dang thing's making it normal again yet. i know it takes time, but i'm of the impatient sort. therefore, still the sad funk. thanks for your love and support. your FB comment helped tons. ::hugs::

p.s. trying to hurry ANY 4 y.o. is a big fat np-go, i've learned. :)