Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

Just heard that Earl is now a cat 4.  Hang on my dear friends on the east coast!  As long as you have enough diet coke on hand you should be able to weather this one eh?

We got some correspondence from 'dawg today.  Nothing exciting.  You'll have to wait until Monday. 

I hate form letters.

My left index finger will often go cold.  Nothing in particular seems to trigger it other than my normal exercise activity.  Thinking it's left over CRPS  that got kicked off because of last year's injury.  CRPS never really goes away - just into remission. 

I can live with a cold finger on occasion.

Took Jordan on my run this morning.  I don't think she was impressed.  I think she was more irritated that there was nothing to sniff but concrete.  And, clearly around mile 4 she was just too tired for all that nonsense.

I forgot to take a bag.

My apologies for the tootsie rolls in the parking lot.

Ramping up miles in preparation for the marathon.  I'm probably training all the wrong way, but I'm doing what I can.  I figure, I will finish and be happy with that.  So far, other than a sore calf muscle, feeling good.  Think I might squeak through injury free.  *knocking on wood*

Tonight is my first night working in the temple.  Got a new dress, shoes and bag for it all.  Feeling very nervous.  It's just training for the first three weeks, but I am still muy nervous.  I am more worried that the people I work with won't like me.

I sometimes forget that I am 44 and that I shouldn't care if people like me or not.

I need to ban myself from Skittles for awhile.  I think I've overdone it.  It I were to die, and someone cut me open, I'm pretty sure it would just be a colorful rainbow inside. 

I need to learn to hate sugar.

And salt.

And diet brown bubbles.

Speaking of diet brown bubbles, someone in my house keeps taking my cool special mug, so when I go to the Sev for my bev, I have to use their super big gulp cups.  They sweat.  I HATE that!  I think said person in my house needs a beat down. Me no like water drops on the outside of my cup.

Got word this morning that one of my favorite teachers at the gym was riding her bike last evening and hit by a suburban.  Flew 35 feet in the air. Shattered shoulder.  Shattered pelvis.  Multiple facial fractures.  Lifeflighted to the mother ship and in serious condition.  Internal bleeding.
If you're a praying kind - could you add her?  LH..........Heavenly Father will know who she is.


Garden of Egan said...

I lurv me some brown bubbles too.
I wish I didn't. When you learn to HATE sugah, let me know what the secret was.

Prayers for your friend. AND her family too.

mackenzie said...

MY FINGER GETS COLD SOMETIMES, TOO. or at least it used to earlier this year. weird.

word of the day is.... brater.

Carina said...

I didnt know you were serving at the temple?! That is awesome! I was thinking about it too but then AB had to take this dumb job in Alaska......I will get there one day you can take that to the bank!


Heather said...

I about laughed out loud at the "tootsie rolls" comment. Hilarious.

I'm so excited for you and working in the temple! I'm sure it will be so wonderful. You're so friendly and loving that I'm sure you'll be such a blessing to the patrons. Because I'm still a newbie, I so appreciate seeing faces like yours. Are you working in the Jordan River Temple? That's where I usually go since, so maybe I'll see ya sometime!

So sorry to hear about your friend from the gym. I'll definitely keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

CountessLaurie said...

There will be no sweat in the Cooper unless it is MCat sweat!! Give the lady back her cup.

Many healing prayers for LH.

tammy said...

I totally forgot you were going to start working at the temple! That is going to be awesome.

Scary about your friend. I'll be praying. I hope she's okay.

I laughed picturing the rainbow inside you. How pretty.

Pedaling said...

a rainbow...of course.

prayers are effective.

i would be nervous about working in the temple, too. you'll do great.

wouldn't it be fun to go to a session that you are there? i think it would. hmmmmm- gonna think on that.


Brown Bubbles are magic!

Let my kids walk the dogs so I never deal the bag. Living close big grassy feld helps.

Om my goodness, I sure hope your friend is ok.!!

Chief said...

Do you pooo rainbows?

Mrs. Organic said...

A rainbow - I love it! And I never thought about the sweating cup before, I just use coasters/scrap paper/junk mail to absorb it all.

Sue said...

Someone who looks like a rainbow inside will be the perfect Temple worker. ( I did it for a yr. and loved it)

So sorry about your friend. There are so many sad things going on lately..

Susan Litster said...

Hey, I'm impressed. What a great experience, you will love it. What shift(s) are you working?

tiburon said...

I don't want to live in a world where Melissa gives up sugar and 2/3 of a cup of ice with 2 squirts of vanilla and caffeine free Diet Coke.

That would be the worst world in the world.