Sunday, September 26, 2010

The epic Dirty Dash and Piglet Plunge of 2010

*warning - a plethora of pictures*

I've had  the Dirty Dash with the Dirty Diva's on the agenda for awhile now, but when I was told to ease off my running until the marathon - this was the event that had to go.  BOOOOO!!!!  It was gonna be the funnest!
Luckily cute Kim stepped in for me and took my place.

Ree,Lisa,Ana,Kim and Karie

(of course Lisa made us some AWESOME necklaces!)

(Sissy was feeling a little shy and quiet on the ride up)

The event is a 10k run through mud, water and obstacle's.  This was the first year that it's been held in Utah.  Judging by the success of it all, I'm guessing it won't be the last.

After the adults do the 6k, the it's the event for the littles.  A Piglet Plunge.  A shortened run through the water and the mud.  What kid doesn't want to get wet and muddy?

Saturday morning we met at the gym, loaded everyone up (including the lil piglets) and headed for Soldier Hollow

The big girls headed for the start line and the rest of us set up camp

(carb loading on Cashews - Thanks Deb for being so prepared!)

(watching and getting our game face on)

We didn't really get to see the Diva's start, but did manage some pics along the way

They did fantastic! And I have to be honest - I am seriously envying not being a part of it.  I've had to do some serious self talk about how it was for the best, and that I am holding out for the better choice.....blah blah blah...... I just really hate not being a part of it!
But, that being said - I am genuinely happy for them and glad that they had so much fun!
Next year.........

They began announcing the Piglet Plunge and I started to panic a bit.  I couldn't get the tattoos stuck on the kids, and the girls weren't back yet.  Tib was up on the hill taking pictures and Debbie was waiting for them to cross in front of camp to get pictures. 
That left me and the three littles.  Let's go!!!



and Amelia

The course consisted of running up a mud hill to a large sprinkler, then back down the same mud hill.  Crossing an asphalt path and running up a hill to the water slide.
Down the water slide - into more mud, back across the path and into the mud pits.
It. was. awesome!

She kept telling that she was big now.  "Wrunning wike you Mimi!  My wegs are big, my arms are big and I'm wrunning fast just wike you Mimi!"

Where was Liam?  He was WAY ahead of us and already headed for the first big water/mud pit.  We caught up, but not after losing  Sissy's shoe along the way

The last hurdle was a huge mountain of slippery dirt

The spraying off from the fire hose did NOT go over well with the piglets..... we gave up and went and played some more in the mud.  This time with a real live pig!

A little cleaning up and more pictures

(if you know Ree - then you know why this is hysterical!)

(Reanna, Kim, Lisa, Tib, Karie, Ana and me)

We were never completely cleaned up until we got home

After Sis got all scrubbed clean she wanted to wear her "race shirt" to bed as a nightgown.  She was so PROUD of herself!

And if you haven't had enough pictures, why then by all means enjoy this:

Thanks Lisa and Tiburon for your sick videoing skillz!!


Mrs. Organic said...

Love her guts, she's so stinkin' cute.

Stace said...

i think it's so adorable when she wants to "wrun wike mimi!"

what a fun event!

Cherie said...

Oh my GOSH all that mud is CRAZY - What a blast!!

Teachinfourth said...

Looks like you guys had a blast...

" Hit It......." said...

I was really envious yesterday morning; I knew you would ALL have a blast! Count me in for next year.

I found out my step-kids participated in the event as well. I am waiting to see if they got some good pictures also.

Garden of Egan said...

That looks like it was disgustingly fun! You sorta look great all muddied up. You clean up real nice too.

Sissy looks like she wants to do that every single day. As a good grandma I think you should indulge that!

veronica said...

That is awesome!

Just ME the MOM said...

Oh my goodness, how much fun is this! I still remember that warm squishing through your toes feeling from tramping in the mud.

Who would have thought it!??


Anastasia said...

That looks like sooo much fun! I want to get dirty.

Martha H. said...

Loved the pics of the dirty little piglets. So cute. Looks like you guys had a great time.

Jewls said...

This looks like the best race ever!! Do they do it every year? I totally want to do this one if they have it again!!

tiburon said...

It really was the most fun ever.

Mostly because all my girls were there :)

carma said...

bummer that you missed participating :-( Loved all those pics. Very messy!!

tammy said...

I couldn't do it just because of the mud. In fact, just looking at you is giving me anxiety and making me want to hose you down.

Sissy, however is looking so cute and so grown up all of a sudden!

Sue said...

Mimi and Sissy are looking so much a like..she could be your daughter..(I bet you hear that all the time)

Everyone just needs to get dirty once in a while...really dirty!!!

what a little piglets would love doing this.

rthompson said...

Best Day Ever! Mimi, mimi, mimi, mimi, mimi...let's make some pancakes...mimi, mimi, mimi! :)

Nancy said...

Looking at the mud pictures almost makes me want to do it, too! But that would involve running a marathon. I'm not sure if my bootieliciousness could survive the torture. Maybe one of these years.

John said...

So awesome...see you next year!

John at The Dirty Dash