Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Scarlet Blanket of Shame

or Fertility.  Take your pick.

My girl is in heat.  Again.  Since she's messy (not to mention stinky), she is not allowed to place her monkey butt down unless "the scarlet blanket" is underneath her.  To protect everything in my house within her tailend's reach.

Yes, she is gonna get some action (DON'T judge me).

Yes, I hope to have some cute little babies just in time for Christmas.

Yes, she is monogamous so her dating circle is limited to just Bentley.

Dating will begin on day 10, although the magical number is usually day 14.

No, I am not new to this.

Yes, Jordan is a great momma.

Like before.

And see how cute they are when they are bigger?

And then both Jordan and Bentley will become spokesanimals for Bob Barker.

Wish us luck. 

And if you feel the need to chastise me for "backyard breeding" - you can bite me.  Go leave your judgy-mcjudger comments somewhere else.


veronica said...

Yay! Imma start badgering my husband for a Christmas puppy right away!

WV= cloell
Must be fate!

tammy said...

No chastisement here! Can't wait to see some adorable puppies.

Cheeseboy said...

Here's to a great courtship and an even better mating season!

Chaka said...

I like the scarlet blanket. I hope she has a cute doggy shower when the liter arrives.

Scrappy Girl said...

I love schnauzers. When Dr. Hubby and I first got married our first "big" purchase was a schnauzer puppy. He looked just like yours!

Pedaling said...

no judging here....growing up my mutts breeded randomly with with whomever was around....the pups looked different every time.

" Hit It......." said...

I have a dog I have ever had! Let me know when they are born. I know a few people who want them.

Jillybean said...

Those are some seriously cute little puppies!
Too bad someone in our house is allergic to fur. :(

wendy said...

what a cute dog. Dogs sure do work their way into our hearts. We are having so much fun with LUCY and I adore her already.....well, when I am not wanting to drop kick her.

We plan to get her spayed (sp). I don't want puppies.

Mae Rae said...

first the hoochy momma comment this morning and now you are hooking up the pooch? Starting to wonder.

tiburon said...

Why the crap didn't I know you were doing this again?!

Martha H. said...

Those babies are so stinkin cute!

CountessLaurie said...

ewww.... tmi!
I am such a prude.

Also, I am confused. You are not allowed to let your dogs have babies anymore??? Sheesh.

LKP said...

lol!!!!! apparently it's extremely late/early and i need some sleep cause i soooo did a double-take to make sure "judgy-mcjudger" wasn't juggy-mcjugger. just being honest. poor jordan, i hate that time of the month/year. pain in the butt for realsies!

Karen said...

Cute puppies are fun and messy and destructive. :-)

Sue said...

No judgy's from me..

The scarlet blanket is brilliant.