Sunday, September 19, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend - Chapter IV - Wonder Woman ride

The Inaugural Wonder Woman ride.  First ever.  Options of 30 miles, 70 miles or the full century - 100 miles.
Well, since I openly mock anyone who doesn't go for the 100, the girls and I got registered and excited about going.
And then, I discovered it was the same weekend as Sweet Brinley's Lemonade Stand Fundraiser.
What to do?  What to do?

Now, normally on our rides, we stick together as a group.  That's what makes it fun.  Don't worry about speed, just have fun.
This time, I felt a strong drive and commitment to be at the fundraiser.  So I opted to go it solo.

I picked up Reanna at the butt crack of dawn, met up at Choco-lisalicisous and headed to Payson park.

We were a bit early so headed to a gas station for drinks and breakfast.  I had forgotten my sunglasses so I was going to have to buy more.
No, I didn't get these, but pretty awesome right?

We were together at the start line, with saddle bags full of supplies, air in our tires and water in our bottles.

l-r  Leslie, Jen, Me, Choco-Lisalicious and Reanna

For Jen and Ree, this was their first century ever.  Part of me wanted to be with Ree the whole time and experience this with her and the other part kept tugging me towards Brinley's fundraiser.

We took off, and I was immediately separated from my friends.  I had calculated how fast I needed to be going in order to finish in time to get back.  Right off the bat, I can see that it's going to be a stretch to make that goal.  The winds in southern Utah county are a B****!!  Bad!  Like so bad that you couldn't even coast down hill, but had to peddle and it felt like you were going up hill.

I stayed with the leading pack for the first 25 miles or so, and then it began to get thin.  I spent the rest of the time completely alone.  Very rarely would I see a rider in front of me or behind me. 

Lunch stop was at 50 miles, and while the volunteers were fantastic, the pre-made sandwich wraps all had cheese in them.  Since we all know how I feel about cheese, that was a no go for me.  Instead, I had another bag of chips, a man coke (no diet in the cooler), a banana, and an orange slice.

Back on the bike, looking at my watch and hoping the last 50 were going to be easier that the first 50.

At about 65, my back start cramping.  Total aching pain.  I downed some ibuprofen and refilled water at the next stop.

At 75 miles, there was another stop with some decent fuel.  Fruit, cookies, and cool water.  After getting off the bike, stretching my back and trying to ease the cramps for a few minutes, I jumped back on determined to step it up a notch in hopes of finishing with time to get back for Brinley.

Those next 20 miles SUCKED!  My heart wasn't in the ride anymore.  My body hurt.  I was hot.  I was lonely.  I wanted to be done.

The course wasn't as well marked these last 30 miles or so and I often found myself wondering if I was on the right course.  I became frustrated and negative.  I really needed to be done.
I finally pulled into Payson and was watching the markers.  It looked like I had about 11 miles left when they turned us on Main street and back into the park.
There was the finish line and the cheering section. 
The cute volunteer boy handed me my necklace and congratulated me.

But looking at my bike computer it wasn't a hundred miles.  It was 89.9
I showed him, asked about it, and he reiterated that they had marked the course clearly and it was 100 miles.  The only thing I could think of was that my computer was way off.

At this point I didn't have time to even question further.  My saddle time was 5 hours and 54 minutes and 89.97 miles.

I took an after shot

loaded my bike.  Made a quick stop for a diet brown bubbly and raced home.

I really, REALLY wish that things could have worked out so I could have stayed with my girls.
I was miserable - they had fun!

The upside to all of this?
I did make it back just in time for the last half hour of the fundraiser event.  Even better - Anababy and Lindsey met me for some fun rides down the bouncy slide

Congrats to my girls for doing such a great job on the ride!  I am so stinking proud of Ree I can't stand it!  Just wish I could have been there with her.


Vanessa said...

Who knew you were right down the street from me. I would have been at the finish line cheering for you :)

Pedaling said...

I figured you were right there at the start when it started. me? where was I? oh, we were parked in the car, not paying attention to time, just talking. all the sudden we heard a big cheer and you all were off. so we started just a little after 8:00 and i never caught up with you after that.
could have had something to do with stopping and chilling at each stop and taking it easy.

and you are right, it wasn't a full 100 miles. And, I was okay with that.

Higgs Happenin's said...

You're amazing. I aspire to be you and have your body after I have kids haha. Is that too awkward for blog comment? That's kind of a nice surprise that you were 10 miles short. Someone messed up and you got to reap the joy. I've never done anything cool like this but i want to sometime. I'm working toward it. From what I have done I totally know what it feels like to hate it during the process and love that I did it afterward. Crazy.

tammy said...

Next time please inform Vanessa.

Heather said...

Congrats to you too, for finishing! That is awesome!

tiburon said...

2 things:

1. I am soooo proud of you.

2. I am sooooo glad I didn't do this ride.

You are a rockstar.