Sunday, September 19, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend - Chapter II - More Family and Friends

Friday was the a day for me to pack myself in ice (in anticipation of a killer ride the next day), work from home and try to get my dog preggo.  Successful on all accounts but the last.  They tired themselves out.  What a process!  Hopefully this cycle isn't a bust.

Friday night was Justin and Ashley's wedding reception.  We had family come in from Northern Utah and Vegas.  So nice to have everyone there!
Tuffy, and Scooter trying to give me his angry eyes.

Tuffy, Scooter and Luka

Raboyto - kindly posing, but cursing me under his breath.

Oh look!  Let's get video of someone taking a picture!  'Cause that is super exciting!

My new favorite niece-in-law Taylor - who happens to be an amazing photographer.  Talented girl, that one is!

And what is a wedding without bubbles......
or cake.......

or dancing.....

The best is just seeing how happy everyone is, and enjoying the family.  The Vegas crew we don't get to see as often so when they come into town, it's such a great time!

Thanks mi familia for a fun evening!


veronica said...

You have been a busy girl! Makes me tired just to read about it all!

tammy said...

Bubbles, cake and dancing....what more could anyone want? In fact, I want some right now.