Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Luka!!

Okay, I realize I am a day late.....but this week has been so freaking busy!!

Luka turned 22 yesterday.  Where has the time gone?  I went into pre-mature labor with him like I did 'dawg and so was on bed rest and medication the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy.
His delivery was great and for the first 4 weeks or so, he was a great baby. 
Then all hell broke loose!
The crying.  The blood in his stools.  The crying.  The projectile vomiting.  The crying.
He spent a week at PCMC while they ran test after test after test to try and figure out what was wrong with this baby.  We took him off regular formula, on to disgusting soy.  Then off of soy and on to a more disgusting formula that stunk to high heaven.  He slept on a reflux board.  He had colic.  He cried.  A.LOT.

And then he hit six months old and it was like a switch was turned.  He became the happiest, funloving, laid back cat in the world!  People called him Guy Smiley because you NEVER saw him without a smile on his face. 

As he's grown into an amazing man, not much has changed.  He is still laid back, easy going and fun as ever.  Always smiling, positive and a hard worker.  He's the middle child, and I would def say he fits the mold.  A peacemaker.  The calm to the storm.  He brings an element to our family that lifts the rest of us up and inspires us all to be better.
My chubby, chubby, big brown eyed beautiful baby!

Loving a good time

A goof off ! He and I did karate together for a while.  It was fun and exciting to watch him compete.

His smile is so charming

He played the piano for awhile.  I gave in too easily and let him quit before he had mastered it well.  But when he wrote up a whole proposal as to why he should be allowed to quit, it was hard to ignore.

Hugging his Grandma Grape.  My Grandmother.  Whom I still dream about, think about and miss virtually every single day!   His big baptism date,
and of course, basketball!

All my boys went through a phase of bleaching their hair.  It was the "in" thing to do.
Seminary Graduation with BFF CM
And sophomore year playing for the West Jordan Jaguar basketball team

High school graduation

His missionary plaque.

We still haven't celebrated his BD as a family yet.  So there will be more to come, but serio - I am a lucky, lucky Mom to have this one in my little litter. 
I L Y P I - Luka and Happy Birthday!!


Garden of Egan said...

He is handsome!
I wish my daughter could meet him.

Martha H. said...

What a stinkin' cute baby he was.

Happy B-day, Luka!!

Pedaling said...

Happy Birthday!

Looks like a very good life, so far!

Just SO said...

I LOVE those chubbster cheeks! Did they ever figure out what was going on with him?

Happy Birthday Luka!!

tammy said...

What an adorable baby and little boy. Heck, what an adorable young man! Hope he has a great birthday!

" Hit It......." said...

Happy Birthday! All I can say is "aww..."

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!!

I love all the pictures you shared!

I have been wanting to get back to your blog now for a while. I tried to email you but I guess I got it wrong. Can you email me? My email is I want to talk about breakfast with you!:)

BTW, thanks for the comment on my post on my anniversary about the picture with Christ. I got the idea from my friend Ann aka Old Fashion Girl. We have been friends for almost 11 years. She is who got me blogging. Any way she had a picture like that of her and her husband and I wanted one when I got married.

Emma said...

Yup he is a handsome one!!!

I was a Jag.... back in the day.


HAppy Happy Birthday Luka!

Cherie said...

Happy Birthday to Luka!
He is a Handsome guy...I have a daughter - Just sayin!! Ha Ha
I love how chubby he was as a baby! Oh they grow toooo fast!

Chief said...

Happy Birthday Luka

Missy said...

He is so cute! Happy Birthday! Enjoy!

KyAnn (like Cayenne Pepper, only HOTTER) said...

I don't wanna sound like a cougar, but that's a fine looking son you have there.

Anastasia said...

I love the first one! So adorable. Happy Belated Birthday to him.

about me said...

even at a young age he looks EXACTLY like his handsome dad

Mae Rae said...

My second's birthday is this week too. Peas baby peas!

Gloria (The Mamafamilias) said...

Okay, I love the fatness baby pictures. And then I love the school picture in the basketball shirt. What a cutie. Happy to You (the family birthday wish in our family) from a complete stranger. Keep making your mama proud!

wendy said...

nice birthday post.
How fun, being a mom, seeing the growth, the joys, the hardships....did I mention the JOY

(I am typing this from a pizza joint...lame!!)

tiburon said...

I already said it on FB - but Happy Birthday Luka!!