Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"I'm His daughter and I am a princess" the story of a survivor

I had a complettey different post planned for today, but once I was going though my reader and saw these videos posted by Diaper Diva, I knew that my post had changed.

Please watch both segments.  And I did post them here rather than direct you other to Diaper Diva to view, strictly because many of my FB friends don't click the links and I don't want anyone to miss anything.

She is an incredible, amazing woman.  And whether or not you are a christian and share her belief, she is inspiring and her message is one that can benefit every woman and, interestingly enough, every man.

And finally, if you know me well, you know why this is particularly tender to me.
If only everyone understood the worth of a soul...........


Sue said...


truly heart wrenching

I love your honesty, and willingness to share.

I love comparing scars and pains.
That is truly what defines us.


My heart brakes for anyone close to this tragedy. It was so inspiring to hear Gianna's story. I grew up with a friend who's dear Mother took in Abortion survivors. They howerver did not have the ability to tell their story.
Thanks for passing it on!


LeShel said...

I am so thankful I stopped by today. I can't imagine having missed this moment. Thanks!!

Wonder Woman said...

I've seen this before and it is amazing and incredible and so moving and heartbreaking and hopeful and beautiful. Love that you posted it.kareoke

Mrs. Organic said...

How very inspiring and her perspective on her trials is completely admirable.

Time for a little self-adjustment, I think.

Cheeseboy said...

I have seen this video flying around the internet today. It's everywhere. Great stuff.

Missy said...

Amazing! Just saying the Words Abortion Survivor causes chills! Thanks for sharing!

wendy said...

wow, I had never heard of anything such as an Abortion survivor. That is unbelievable!!
some very powerful words spoken by that lady.

that she was hated from conception...can you imagine such a thing

and the man who performs the abortions ARE YOU KIDDING, How is that possible to feel that way.

and I love when she said My Father Rules the World.
lovely and humbling at the same time

Anonymous said...

I found your blog quite by accident several months ago and periodically check in. I have yet to read a post that did not either make me laugh or give me pause. I find your honesty and point of view very refreshing.
Thanks for posting these videos, they were wonderful.

NW, Cache Valley

Connie said...

What a story! Such a powerful spirit and message! Thanks for introducing us to this amazing woman!

Heather said...

She is incredible!! Such an example of a daughter of God!! I so enjoyed watching both parts! I need to share this with some of my friends. I know they would love it!!! I loved how she said she was speaking from her heart!!

Thank you for sharing!!! I love it!!

CountessLaurie said...

WOW! Thank you, M-Cat, for sharing this. I probably would not have seen it otherwise. Here is the very liberal Massachusetts this is not making the rounds...

Plain Jame said...

I was just talking to my SIL this morning about this. She found out from the birth mother that they adopted from that HERE IN SLC THERE IS A LATE TERM ABORTION CLINIC. Yes, people that kill babies further along.

I cried. I didn't know that was Legal in this country anymore. Shows you how stupid and naive I've been. I'm pissed now. I'm out for blood. I'm out to expose this place so people can go picket and let those mothers know there alternatives to murder. Cold blooded murder is still happening like this in our town.
I am all riled up.

Nancy said...

I saw this on my friends FB page and about died! So heart wrenching!! Knowing so many people who would give any thing to have a baby, I am amazed that people have abortions. My feeling is...if you can do the crime, you can do the time...then let a couple that would love the baby take it home.

Thanks for sharing!