Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Word of the day - Crap-tastic

Crap-tastic - When thing after thing after thing goes wrong in a day, but yet somehow - you can find some good.

What's Crap?

I'm on call.  I really shouldn't have to explain more.  Except that there was a huge problem over the weekend that affected important stuff yesterday.  And the guru's to help fix it are out on a boat fishing.  Trying to help figure stuff out today and keeping everyone happy.  Sucks to be me.

I calculated the mating date to the birthing date (gestational period for you over-achievers) and realized that if I let Jordan get the good stuff - then she will be due right when we are in San Diego.  No can do friends.  The breeding is a bust.  No more frolics in the backyard, tumbles and rolling around in the grass.  Finished.  We'll wait for her cycle to end and then remove her lady parts.  Sorry Veronica!

Both Sissy and Splenda have woken up with multiple bites on their arms and chest.  Me?  Nothing. 
But I still have to pull off all the bedding, wash, vacuum and sterilize the bedroom in hopes that whatever was finding them so delicious to nibble on is now gone. 

Being told that the pain in my lower left leg is most likely a stress fracture.  I can't say anymore about that right now since the thought of not being able to run the marathon will send me over the edge.  Literally.  We are not discussing it right now. 

What's tastic?

Getting my car back from the shop.  Nothing like settling my arse into my own seat and smelling my own air freshener.

Talking to a relative (Splenda's side) on the phone (who I have never really met except through FB) about our sons in Boot Camp together. Their graduations are a week apart and most likely are going to church together.

Being told that even if it is a stress fracture that depending on the location and size etc etc. I could possibly still be able to run.  (I don't care if he is lying to me, I am believing every word until I see and hear solid proof)

Getting my MRI rescheduled for two days earlier so I can have an answer sooner.

Diva's who send me funny, nice, encouraging, and flat out swearing texts.

Splenda Daddy coming home from grocery shopping with a big bag of skittles.

What's crap-tastic in your world right now?


Jewls said...

Ugh, crap is right.

I had a pretty good day, but poor Z had to wear his helmet more hours & get shots, and that's crappy!

LKP said...

is it okay to feel this way about a day, but not know why you feel that way?
i mean i see the tastic side: i'm elated over fall & decor & gray nailpolish & FHE....
but i don't know why i'm still kinda feeling the CRAP big time...perhaps its cause i had to miss 'you know what' this weekend. maybe that's why i'm feeling off. every year i'm there. so that may be it. oh and mr LKP's out of town on a long haul again tonight. oh and mini-me's at the temple doing baptisms. that must be it. i'm lonely. CRAP.


Just getting a chance to catch up. Whew... That was one loaded weekend. 89 or 100 miles, either way super impressive!

What a sweet reminder that I really needed, that the Lord is always listening.

Craptatsic? Having a quiet evening to myself and being too dang tired to really enjoy it.
P.S. My vote: No stress fracture.

Lara said...

I'm sorry about the craptasticness.

Mine is laundry. Loads and loads of it that need to be folded, but I can never find the time until midnight. At which time I am blogging instead.

Mrs. Organic said...

I am sending good leg bone vibes your way. Yay for an earlier MRI.

Maybe try steaming your mattresses to kill any little critters.

Crap for me - house looke like a bomb went off in it.

tastic for me - got two workouts in today.

Teachinfourth said...

How much time do you have?

Just kidding, however, there are goodtastic and craptastic moments in each and every day. I am shooting for a few more of the good type and hope you have the same as well.

tiburon said...

Awww princess - I had a craptastic day because you did. (Co-dependency remember?)

I am holding my breath until 12:30...

Chief said...

sorry about the fracture. That bites real bad... as bad as the bed bugs you have in your beds.

I told you to call my housekeepers!

Craptastic for me?

I had a throw down with my Director today. I want to quit

Missy said...

I had a Crap day yesterday. Today, I finally got the interstate removed from my hair.

Amy said...

Craptastic is one of my favorite words. Surprisingly, I can't think of any crap at the moment. Tastic is that it is raining today and it was just what I was hoping would happen today.

veronica said...

Crap! Jordan needs one more good romp...dontcha think? I'll even volunteer for midwife duty while you are out of town.
I still love you anyway. I'm sorry it's been such a horrible couple a days. Hope things start looking up soon.

tammy said...

What's craptastic? I'll tell you what's craptastic. My flooring guys were supposed to show up at 7:00a.m. this morning. They're just showing up now. I hate the hurry up and wait thing. But the tastic part? I'm finally getting my floors.

carma said...

I hope your leg will be OK!!! My week has been so craptastic I can't even begin to tell you. Got reamed out today for 5 minutes. So tired of being a punching bag...