Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Google Reader and why it stresses me out.

I have been very busy the past two weeks.  Work has big projects coming up,  my new temple assignment and then days off for races.  I opened my Google Reader and had a panic attack.

Why?  Because I love the blogs I follow.  I love the writing, the wit and the feeling of having people that I connect with that live a gazillion miles away.  I want to read every single post.  I want to leave a meaningful comment on every single post.  The time it takes to do that, and do it right (not just some fluffy comment that makes it clear the reader never even read the post only skimmed), is a little daunting right now.

But because I love all those blogs and I love the writers, I am refusing to click the mark as read button.  Oh, I'll read every single one of them.  But I just might not comment.  If I feel like I have something funny, witty, or meaningful, - I'll jump in.  But just rest assured, your posts mean something to me, I love them.  I read them.  But right now, my commenting might be sporadic.

Live will slow down in about 3 weeks.  I just know it.  At least I hope it.  And then I can get back to my regular blog stalking and commenting.

Love your guts - every last one of you!


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