Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday and I'm Thankful.......

MRI came back with this:
IMPRESSION: Mild stress reaction of the tibia without evidence of fracture.
See that?  NO fracture.  I don't know what stress reaction is, but it's mild.  In my all-knowing wisdom I am going with "shin splint"  And while Doc wants to discuss at length the results with me tomorrow, I am not worried.  He didn't say I couldn't do the marathon.  He DID say to ease off the running for a bit.  No prob.  I can do that!  Me and the stationary bike and the pool can become BFF's for a week if it means I get to tackle the marathon! 
For good news - I am thankful!

For bff's that think of my granddaughter when passing down clothes.  She dropped a couple bags off with cute stuff that will def help Sissy both at my house and her mom's!
For thoughtfulness - I am thankful!

I got a several page letter from the 'dawg yesterday.  Most of it made me cry. I can't wait until Monday to post it.  It is so nice to hear specifics about what he is doing, and what's happening.
For special mail - I am thankful!

For friends.  I have the best.  IRL and URL friends.  The absolute best.  Calls, emails, texts........they get me through the day.  Laughs, cry's, jokes, trouble, 'fight's'..... I love it all
For my best girls everywhere - I am thankful

Wednesday's have become very quiet for me.  Not in the sense of I have less to do.  In fact, quite the opposite.  But the things I am doing are quiet.  I spend 5 hours in the morning in the Temple.  It's calm.  It's peaceful.  Talking is done is hushed tones.  It's so serene.
Then I come home to work.  No chatter of other cubicles.  Noise from people on my floor.  Phones ringing or hallway discussion.  Just my bedroom, my Jordan and the laptop.  It's relaxed.
Then I spend an hour with the most amazing young women and leaders ever.  Just being with them soothes my soul.
For Wednesday's and all it's serenity - I am thankful

I came home from the gym this morning and was enthralled with the beautiful moon.  And while I know that anyone working with the public dreads full moons and all the crazies it brings out (for real) - I absolutely love the view.
For a stunningly full moon overlooking an amazing earth that I am privileged to live on - I am thankful

What are you thankful for this Thursday?


Jewls said...

Yay marathon time! I swore I would never do another one, but I am going to register for Ogden in May! You should do it with me!

Cherie said...

I am also thankful for the moon - I was just admiring the big, round, orangeness of it as it sat on top of the mountains on my drive home tonight. It is beautiful!
Your Wednesdays sounds AWESOME!!

Just SO said...

I am thankful for the cooler nights so I can sleep with the windows open and wake to the little birds chattering in the tree outside my window.

Mrs. Organic said...

I'm so glad for your good news. And thank you for sharing that moon.

" Hit It......." said...

I am thankful for God; he shows me when I am wrong! Todd got to call again tonight (i.e. for perfoming well). He told his dad he loved him! I think someone was listening to me rant and rave earlier and came to show me the truth.


Suzie said...

I really love your list and especially the sincere gratitude you have in your heart.
and the full moon really brings out my crazy side, just so you know.
I am so thankful for those moments of clarity to remind me of who I am, what I am doing & how truly blessed I am and snap me out of the brattiness/bitchiness.
I had one today & it saved me.

Suzie said...

really great news about your injury.
take care of that & good luck at the doc tomorrow.

Just ME the MOM said...

I'm always happy when I happen to stop by on Thursdays - you're always a good reminder to pause and remember all that I am grateful for. Thanks!


Mamafamilias said...

Just reading about your Wednesdays calmed me down. Thanks.

And I've been loving the gorgeous moon here in eastern NC. I'm just glad I don't drive a school bus anymore.

tammy said...

I'm thankful for my friends too, real and imaginary.

And that it's finally starting to cool down a least in the mornings and evenings.

And for a cute little boy who will still grab my hand and hold it sometimes. I never want that to end.

Missy said...

I love your list! I am thankful for indoor plumbing even though it caused a family crisis! LOL

tiburon said...

Weird as it is to say...

I am thankful for your marine. And your temple service.

Thanks for being such an awesome example to me.