Friday, November 30, 2012

Festival of Trees 2012 - Part 1

I realized as I was looking through all the pictures I have so far this year, that I need to break the experience into two posts.  Yeah, I'm kind of a freak about the Festival this year!

I've talked before about doing a tree for Jill.  And we did.  And I'm saving all that for different post all directed and dedicated for her but here are some pics (granted crappy cell phone ones since my camera is broken) of things I've been enjoying there so far this week.
Of course the patriotic and military ones always catch my attention.  This was a tree done by the Gold Star Mothers.  A support group of military moms who have lost a child in battle.

A USMC tree is never wrong!

A wreath created by a bestie Carina.  Look how beautiful it is!  The picture is of her children who headed up the Candy Crusaders and collected unwanted Halloween candy to donate for Festival Small Fry projects!  Love this family!!

Besties Diehl's did this tree for our amazing friend Tracy.  You can read the story about her here

My bestie Debbi (my Festival guru and mentor) and her kids did this tree for their husband/father Rob. We lost him about a year ago - you can read about it here

A facebook friend created this one - so cute!

Another military one.  This was done by the MIA/POW organization.  They also had a table set for one that symbolizes our missing warrior.

This tree is a special one done for a young man Ryan.  My oldest son Corbin's friend's younger brother.  They also lost him to suicide.  The tree represented all his favorite things.

Snowboard and his picture

More boards - they did a great job!

And this tree is for my cat loving friends Tauna and Laurie.  It is called  A Cat-a-strophic Christmas and I have to admit it's cute.  It's filled with stuffed cats and then cats posed doing very naughty things (as cats do)

The dog thought cloud says  "You guys are SO getting in trouble for this!"

I loved this wreath.  The Owls dressed as the wise men.  Very creative

And I loved the gingerbread men on this one

And, another patriotic one!

So far, I've been able to be at Festival every day at least for a little bit.
Monday was decorating day.
Tuesday was opening night and bidding.
Wednesday I made cotton candy for the Small Fry shop and the Sweete Shop
Thursday, I met Tuffy and 'Tana at the end of the evening so they could see our tree.
Today, if needed, I'll volunteer this morning, and then go back this evening for one final look at our tree.  Hope to see a "sold" on it, check in with Luke and Mindy who will be working in SantaLand and soak in some final feelings at Festival.

If you haven't had a chance to go yet, it is open until Saturday 10pm.  You can get discount tickets at any Zion's bank.  Check out all the trees, read the stories and allow your heart to be softened, touched and hopefully inspired.

Remember to make sure and see Aisle Q - spot 20.  Please read the back of the placard with our story and if there is a green "for sale" sign still on it - for the love of all that's holy BUY IT!  

Merry Christmas and happy "getting the season started off right"!


Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 - so what if I'm late in posting...?

Yes, I cooked.  Pictorial proof provided.

It wasn't as big a deal as I had imagined.  I don't understand the hours and hours or even days that people talk about regarding preparing the big meal.  Yes, I made extra things that we don't normally have but really - it was just about like a typical Sunday dinner on steroids.  A lot more food and a lot more dishes.

Tuffy and 'Tana ate with us before heading to her family.  Luke is here and staying the weekend.  But we are missing our SoCal kids.  So, yeah again, pretty much like a typical Sunday dinner.

I want something different.  Something special for Thanksgiving.  Something that sets it apart from the rest of our family meals.  Yeah we watched a movie.  But we do that most Sunday night anyway.  We napped.  Typical.  Other than running the 5k in the morning, it really was just another day.  And by different, I don't mean something cheesey 'cause we all know I just don't roll like that.


We did skype with Corbin for about an hour and chatted with Chloee for a little bit but I went to bed irritated and vowing that I will NOT cook another Thanksgiving meal until ALL the kids can be around one table together.  If that means Golden Corral until the SoCal kids get back to Utah, then so be it.  At least THAT'S different.  We don't go there any other time of the year so it's unique.  And cost wise?  I spent just as much money for all the stuff to cook as I would have at a cash register.  Leftovers?  Splenda is the only one that will eat them.

So there you have it.

PSYCHE! - this isn't all!

Of course I have a bazillion things to be thankful for!  I thought about compiling a list in numerical order but then I realized that I don't really know how to count up to a bazillion.  I get lost after million.

So in short order - I have the best family!  Everyone else says that too, and for the record, I think everyone else is also right.  We each have the BEST families for US!
Me?: A husband who gets me, sons who make me laugh out loud and swell with pride all the time, daughter-in-loves who fit right in with our odd bunch, and the sweetest granddaughter who I love more than words can even articulate.
Our home.  While not the latest, biggest, filled with the finest furniture, is paid for.  Serves our needs, covers our heads and offers warmth and shelter.  It's filled with 24 years of memories that brighten my days, remind me to behave and provides so many inside jokes in our little clan that an outsider would be lost for hours if we kept at it.
Employment that my husband not only loves to do, but is damn good at it too.  The company is outstanding and have been very good to us over the many years Splenda has been there.  They compensate him fairly and in a way that he is able to provide well for our family and allows us to help serve others.
I have a passel of friends who add to and enrich my life every single day.  Besties who "get me" that I see or talk to every day.  Virtual friends who make me laugh and provide amusement, but above all - my friends are supportive, uplifting and inspire me to do and be better.

**Post Script - Splenda Daddy DID go out Black Friday shopping.  I did not.  #bestmarriageever

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Trot 2012

I don't remember how it all happened, but we were sitting around the dinner table one night when Luke was home.  I was talking to his friend Mindy about her half marathon and running in general.  Next thing I know we are all agreeing to do a 5k on Thanksgiving morning.  ALL FOUR OF US!

Since Luke lives in Utah County, he wanted one close to where he lives.  I remembered the one I had done with my Young Women a couple of years ago and well.....bada boom bada bing!  Done.  Registered.  Good to go!

I didn't realize until a few days ago, that it is actually put on by a competitor specialty running store!  Gah!  Sorry boss - I had no idea!  Too late - money paid, commitment made.

Mindy met us at about 7am and after waiting on a dawdling Splenda Daddy, we headed to American Fork and the parking lot.

Definitely cold.  Definitely crowded.  I saw a familiar face or two, we went inside to warm up and a pic to start off with.

Next thing you know, we are out the door, at the start line and within minutes doing the slow trot while maneuvering around people.  Mindy passed me right away, but I knew Luke and Splenda were somewhere behind me.

Fell into a nice cadence once the crowd thinned out and then settled in to enjoy the quick run.  The course was basically winding around the massive shopping center parking lot.  Flat, lots of turns, plenty of people, the sun was shining, and temp was perfect!  About halfway through, Luke came up behind me and passed.  He had taken his jacket off and was carrying it while he was running.  I backed off a little simply to watch his gait cycle as he ran (nerd, I know) and after seeing that he looked great in the shoes he was in and noted his strong stride, I decided to make it easier for him by taking his jacket. I picked it up, sprinted until I reached him, grabbed his jacket and then backed off.  Waaaaay off.

I watched my Garmin only to look at my pace and see how I was doing compared to how I was feeling. All good.  All the time!  I could tell that I didn't have much in my tank to begin with since usually at mile 3 is when I really start to feel great and remember why I love to run so much but today was the opposite.   I was feeling tired, legs achy, and clearly no calories to draw any energy from.

Please to see the finish line and the time of 27 minutes and some change.  Sweet!  Not bad!  I looked ahead and saw Luke and Mindy just a people apart from each other so they finished very close to the same time.  After I turned in my bib bottom and got my raffle ticket, I found the kids and told them I was going back for Dad.

Having the little break felt good, and I picked up a trot again working the course backwards.  I found him and I have to be honest, just seeing him running makes my heart skip a beat or two.  I kinda wish he loved it as much as I did.  We ran together for a minute before I saw more friends and stopped to talk.  Splenda kept going to the finish.
(love me the Mindy!  Funny thing, she lived in our ward and was one of my Young Women about 5 years ago!)

We waited for results, I checked out the store, and watched the littles do their 50 yard dash.  I placed 4th for my age group.  No podium or free pie for me today.  The kids checked their results, none of us were placing so we were quickly on our way back to the warm car.

One more picture in the hideous orange, but cute turkey logo hoodies.

For a small business owner, Don always seem to do to a great job with this event.  Perfect fun little 5k to start off one's Thanksgiving!  Helps ya earn the right to eat another piece of pie!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

Everyone is doing gratitude posts or listing daily on FB something that they are grateful for.  I should compile a list.  I'll start working on that and get it out by Thanksgiving.

Wait, that's tomorrow.  I guess I better hurry.

I also need to get working on our annual family Christmas card.  It's handmade so it takes some time.  I really should get going.

I am totally KILLING it with procrastination lately!  Me = Winning at the "putting it off" game!

Life is about to get bat crap crazy around here.  Monday starts Festival of Trees (more coming on that).
Right as that ends, we will be boarding a flight for St Thomas (go ahead - hate me)
I'll be home for a week and then Luke and I hit the road for Chloeefornia.  
Home in time for Christmas Eve.

Whew - bat crap crazy indeed!

Splenda Daddy is still working on finishing the bathroom off my bedroom.  Slow going.  Poor man is overwhelmed at work and has more than a full plate.  If I knew how to do any of it, I would.  
No worries.  It'll be done, when it's done.  But everytime he hangs up the plastic sheeting to sand (so dust doesn't get everywhere) all I can think of is 'kill room' 
Dexter much?

Speaking of Festival.  The tree and the "scene" is coming together.  Huge shout out to my Mom and John for a generous financing!  I am so touched by how willing friends and family are to jump in and help.  One more call to RC Willey's today (keep your fingers crossed) and I hope to have it just about covered.  I will be so glad when I can actually get it done.  I will breathing a sigh of relief Monday night at 7:30pm.

And then I will be expecting all ya'll to come to Festival and enjoy.  Maybe take a peek at it as well.  More than anything I hope it turns out to be inspiring. At least that's what I'm shooting for.

I made the mistake of going into the grocery store today.  Oh the madness!  Reminder of why I WON'T be out shopping on Friday.  Unless RC Willey's won't donate and then I WILL have to go find a deal.  So far, no call back.  Not a good sign.

Running a 5k tomorrow!  First serious run since SGM.  So excited I can hardly stand it!

Really, seriously craving a DingDong right now.  Like, SERIOUS craving!  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Adventures in Baby Sitting - Day 5

5 -freakin AM - WHA?!?!

Wait.  It's me.  There is no puppy scratching or whining.  Splenda is sound asleep.  The house is totally quiet and yet my eyes are wide open! *sigh*  Really, who am I kidding.  This is truly how my body operates best.  Early up, early down.

I laid for awhile hoping I could drift back to sleep for a couple more hours but gave up at 6:30.  I headed downstairs for an ice cold Monster and some quiet time, bringing Ruby and her crate with me.
(a VERY asleep Ruby - after she told me she loves me most)

First order of business, put dogs out.  The minute I opened the back door, GAH!!!  The house alarm went off!  DAMMIT!  Totally forgot that Tib explained, once I set the alarm to "stay" that I need to turn it off before opening any doors from the inside.  Caaaarrapppp.  Toss Ruby out (making sure she landed on her feet) and race for the key fob frantically pushing the 'off' button.

Stand still listening.......any sounds from upstairs?.........take a few steps up......any sounds?.....*whew*
All is quiet.  I can't believe I just did that. Wait, yes I can.  It's me we're talking about remember?

It doesn't stay quiet for long before the girls are up and getting breakfast.  No cookies or creamies this morning.  Cereal, toaster strudel and oatmeal while I shower and get ready.

The girls get ready on their own and after telling a couple of them to change out of flip flops and find some tights and shoes, we were ready to tackle hair.

I don't do hair.  Hell, I can't even do my own let alone someone else's!  The little's wanted pony tails and really how hard can that be?  About 20 minutes later.....we made it work!  Woot for me!  And truth be told - they looked pretty darn cute.

We went to my ward and I give props to the girls for such good behavior.  Reverent, kept themselves amused with drawing and coloring.  Kudos.

Primary time and I can see a little bit of apprehension as to where they are gonna go and the fact that they won't know any kids.  We first find Ava's class and I have to say, we have the best primary kids in our ward.  THE BEST.  Drew invited her to sit next to him.  She discovered Hunter was in the same class and any worries were gone.

The littles ended up being in the same class together so no worries there.  Olivia made a new friend in Abby and all three girls were happy.

Quick stop at my house for some slippers and then back to Reef for lunch and hopefully a quiet afternoon.  These early mornings (my norm) and late nights (NOT my norm) are getting to me.......

Annnnndddd...........commence the afternoon bickering.  Holy smokes!  I distract myself by folding some laundry, changing sheets, cleaning out the tub, packing and loading my car.  Maybe if I ignore them, they'll work it out?  Tib calls.  I clue her in.  Assured this is normal and status quo.   Coo.  Not gonna worry about it.  I give them the job of cleaning their rooms, making their beds and picking up around the house.  Whoa - "That's like cleaning the whole house on a Sunday!"  The Horror!  The Injustice!

We went back to my house for a real life Sunday dinner!  Proof that the girls got at least one REALLY decent meal in the past 5 days.  Of course, all due to Splenda Daddy, but hey....

Some hanging out with Splenda, playing with Tuffy and then we were getting word that Mom, Dad and Ethan were only about an hour away.  EEEEEEPPPPP!!!  Must get home!

The girls wanted one last prank on Mom so Olivia called and told her they were all on black card (highest threat level).

As soon as they saw them coming into the circle, they all raced up to their rooms and commenced weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth!  The Oscar could go to any one of them, their performances were stellar.   Once Tib and the boys got in, the girls got louder in their rantings and starting crying asking if they could come out.  Mid sentence with Tib, I stopped looked up at the ceiling and said, "SHUT UP!  I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER WORD!" and snuck a glance at Tib hoping for some sort of fiery reaction.  Nope.  Only a "what did they do?"  I let her in on the punk that the girls were playing and she went along with it for barely a minute before the girls couldn't stand it any longer and came racing down to see their family.
(the weekend was really about this Rockstar right here - JDRF Ride for the Cure!  111 miles - he KILLED it and I couldn't be prouder of him)

One more picture - quick recap of each others weekends and then I was out the door to my next furbaby sitting gig (which didn't work out sadly).

But - a few final thoughts as I reflect on the past 5 days.

1.  Unless you really understand Tiburon and I's relationship - these posts could come across as me bitching and moaning about her kids.  There are no two people in the world that can reach the level of sarcasm with one another and totally 'get it'. So no fear, there was no offense given nor taken in these posts.  Just our usual back and forth crap we give each other every day.

2.  I am old and tired.  As much as I have always liked kids, and am usually pretty fun to be around with them, I had the stark reality bite me this weekend as I now lay here feeling overwhelming fatigue.

3.  Girls are the worst.  They are much harder than boys.  I give a serious hat tip to my friends who have nothing BUT girls (Erica, Kristin...)I don't know how you do it.

4.  Each girl truly has her own unique personality.  Ava is incredibly wicked smart.  I mean, beyond smart!  She's at the difficult tween age so she loves adult conversation but also has the need to play with her sisters. Her curiosity amazes me and she's delightful to be around when she's not purposely trying to antagonize you.  Which she did.  On several occasions.  She giggles as she pushed my buttons knowing she was pushing my buttons.  I predict she will be some brilliant scientist or storm chaser or something crazy like that.

5.  Olivia is the tender hearted emotional one.  Easy to tears.  Craves and needs lots of physical attention.  She is the snuggly, huggy lovey one.  That speaks to me since I am a hugger too.  She is kind and has a soft spot for just about everybody and everything.  She loves Splenda.  She wanted to make sure that he was there every night.  She has a sweet sensitivity that will make her a wonderful wife and mother one day.

6.  Amelia is the caboose whose calendar age reflects 5 but her personality is more like that of a 12 year old.  She loved the idea of punking mom and kept coming up with more and more creative ideas to tease.  She is smart and her usual response to ANY thing that was said is, 'I know".  She has a level of self confidence that will take her to class officers, leader positions.  She knows how to have a good time and how to make it happen.  She takes matters into her own hands.

7.  Don't believe a word that comes out of a kids mouth.  Every last one of them will fib while looking you right in the eye.  I think it's just something that comes with being a kid.  Like a genetic code built into them or something.

8.  Don't believe a new puppy owner when she tells you that she is practically house broken and easy to care for.  Bullsh**.  A new puppy is like a newborn infant.  And while she was cute as a button, a hella lot of worry about peeing on the carpet so an eagle eye had to be maintained constantly.

9.  Dogs feel stress when their Alpha's leave.  However, I can most def clean up dog puke much better than I can human puke.  And it was their carpet, not mine.

10.  I am starting to get a stuffy nose and a sore throat.  Kids are the epitome of petri dishes with germs.  If I get sick, I am blaming those girls.   And as my friend Clifton so eloquently stated it, "Kids are the worst"

And now, back in my own bed. Oh how my body loves it!  Erickson's are all tucked safely in their beds and the universe is back in order.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Adventures in Baby Sitting - Day 4

5 - freaking AM.

Are you for reals??  I hear some scratching and quiet whining from the crate and Ruby is letting me know that she would like to go relieve herself.  Holy mother of tired!!  She went out at 10pm, did her business and I was promised that she would be good until 7am.  LIE!

After loving on her (not her fault she is essentially a newborn infant and I am old and exhausted), she went back in the crate and I went back to bed attempting some more sleep.

(who can stay mad at this face)

A little after 7am, I could hear the girls stirring and decided I needed to prolly get up and make sure they at least weren't making huge messes that I would have to make them clean up later.

I stumbled downstairs and first thing I am asked is if I want to hold Ruby.  Really?  Nope.  Not at all. Let's get her fed.

Hmm... breakfast.  You know what?  I don't even care.  I announce to the girls that they can have whatever they want for breakfast.  I don't care - it's Saturday, the parentals are gone, go for it.
(Olivia chose cookies)

(Amelia chose Toaster Strudel's)

(and Ava chose creamies)

(she added a bowl of sugary cereal for good measure)

Splenda Daddy wanders downstairs, says good morning to everyone and gets ready to head home.  Wha?  You're leaving me?  But....I'm out numbered!

Procure ticket movies.  Told by Ava that 4:55 is a good time because then we wouldn't have to worry about having dinner, we could just fill up on popcorn and candy.

Avery:  "Yeah, that's what my mom does, she gets movie tickets at either lunchtime or dinnertime and tells us to fill up on popcorn and candy so that she doesn't  have to worry about anything for dinner"

No lie.  Just another reason I heart Tib.

They want to play with friends.  Okay, just as long as I'm not having to taxi you around everywhere.  If you find a friend to play with, the other parent has to be willing to either pick you up or bring you home, but I ain't doing both.  And you have to be able to guide me to their house.  AFTER YOU CLEAN YOUR ROOMS. (I had to throw something of value in there)

Friends don't answer/can't play/won't call back.  They are left to amuse themselves.  Oh my GOSH there is a lot of shrieking!  I remember now why I was thankful Heavenly Father only gave me boys.  There is fighting with pillows.  It ends in tears.  What the crap?  Tears?  Buck up ladies - there is no crying on my watch!  There are three bedrooms upstairs, and oh look - three of you.  Go find them.  What?  One of you is now down here singing/tattling to me? *sigh*

Kinda funny, if it had been my boys, there would have been some more wrestling, likely a punch or two and then it would be over.  Actually, truth be told, I would have never even known about it until I found the secret video they made.  Yes, by sons recorded OVER SOME IMPORTANT FAMILY MEMORIES to tape their wrestling matches.  Classic.

Ahhh. Olivia has found a friend.  Amazing how quickly the house gets picked up and she is ready to go. Poor other two are left with each other while I go hide upstairs taking a shower and getting ready for the day.  I come down and wow.  They are so quiet and nice with each other.  Surprised that a stack of Pokemon cards brings out the princesses in them both.

It's lunchtime.  I bet they want food don't they?  I already screwed over breakfast so I guess I need to ensure somewhat of a decent lunch since they have already planned on popcorn, soda and candy for dinner.

Macaroni and Cheese?  Are you freaking serious??  I thought I was pretty clear to Tib that I.don't.make.macncheese.  It makes me dry heave.  Just smelling it.  Looking at it.  My gag reflexes kick in and bam!

But then, I remember how much I really do love these girlies. Okaaaayyy....fine.  I'll make the damn stuff.

I'll be watching for my BFF ever award.

One thing I can't really understand is why the girls don't enjoy Fox News as much as I do.  I mean, I put it on and leave it on so I can get any updated, breaking news and they ignore it all.  I mean, HELLO!  Israel is being bombed dontcha know!  They prefer going in the other room and playing the Wii.  Go figure - strange, I know : )

Such a long afternoon.  Too cold and windy to play outside.  I give the girls props for playing nicely with each other.  All the while I dinked around on FB and twitter and saw every last Twinkie joke there is.

Olivia home and time for the movie.  Amazing how fast they all got ready!  I think they've been looking forward to this all week long.  Literally feeling a buzz of excitement!

I grabbed our tickets and we headed for the concession stand.  Now, as much as I love these little beasts, I just don't share my popcorn with small hands.  Just can't do it.  I don't want to have to deal with a potential battle of THEM sharing popcorn either - that could get ugly.  So each gets their own value meal (it is dinner after all) and off to find our seats.

Let me axe you something.....when it's reserved seating and your ticket has a specific seat on it, why would one choose to sit somewhere else?  Just curious......  booted rogue dude from our seat, get settled in and wow what a show!

Wreck it Ralph was fabulous!  A light hearted, good message, loveable characters and other than potty humor (which is standard I suppose), a grade A film.

How did the girls like it?  THEY LOVED IT! And I have to give some serious props to Avery.  The person behind her was rude enough to put her feet on the back of Ava's seat.  Ava ignored it during the previews but when the movie started, she leaned over to me and told me what was happening.  I looked, I saw and then told Ava to ask the person to remove their feet.  I waited not sure if she would be bold enough to.  I was prepared to do it for her if she felt shy, but I wanted to see if she could do it on her own.

Sure enough, all it took was her turning around.  The lady immediately apologized and no other problems.  Kudos to Miss Avery for handling it.  When I was her age, I didn't have the courage to ever have stood up for myself.

Of course, we had to stay through the entire credits so we could see the Catmull name on the screen (tradition for anything related to Pixar) and then we bounced out of the theater.  Girls on a sugar high and me feeling relaxed with such a fun movie.

After a quick stop at home to see my furbabies, the progress on the bathroom, see my furbabies, check on Splenda, see my furbabies, we were home.  The girls jumped in a shower, ready for bed and we chalked another day up to a success.

No tears.  We all survived.  Maybe I did just barely, but hey - we're upright and breathing so taking that as a W

Even the puppy was good.  No puking, no indoor peeing.   A 'W' indeed.

Now, where is the freakin bed?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Adventures in BabySitting - Day 3

Oh my heck.  'Member how our Grandma's would say something to the affect of having children when we were young and had the energy for them?


Thankfully the day started with a session of Yoga which is always the best.  Then back to the house and the littles were awake and wanting food.  I hadn't made cupcakes yet so they foraged on a leftover donut, waffles and toaster strudel.  Girls after my own heart.

Out the door for school for a mere few hours since Friday is early dismissal day.

And then home to keep unbored all afternoon.

This is when I became tired.  Kids are wiggly.  Like they are in motion all the time.  Even when we are watching TV, someone is bouncing around on the couch, or waving their hands around, or making loud noises.  And most of all talking.  There is a hella lot of talking.  I'm not sure what about, but their mouths are in constant motion and a steady stream of emotion.

Tonight was Papa Murphy's night.  In which I found out that all three girls pick off all the pepperoni's and Amelia then can't eat it anyway because "I can't weally descwibe it, but it gwosses me out".  Olivia would rather just drink root beer and Avery is on her last nerve with her sisters.  The threat of cookies looming over their heads was just enough though.

There was some eye rolling, some "shut up's" which got them the evil eye from me, some singing "tattling" and sadly some tears from Olivia.  I think they are homesick for their Mama.  I get it.  But so help me, if one more of them shrieks, I'm gonna flip my lid!  No.lie.

To top it off, I had to be the one to break it to the girls that there is no more Hostess.  I shouldn't have been the one to deliver such crushing news, but I couldn't hide it any longer, they were seeing the news reports.  We had hopes that Tuffy could score some from the grocery store where he works but by the time he got in today the shelves were cleaned out.  Just when we were seriously craving Ding Dongs!  I think breaking this kind of news rates up there with having to "have the talk"  I better get super duper friend points for this one.

We had a girls only movie night tonight.  We kicked Splenda Daddy out the door, put in Brave and then the girls enjoyed it while I fell asleep (see "wicked old").

On a super bright note though, there was no puking from anything human or canine and not one pee accident from Ruby to clean up.  She even got a bath!

And I remembered my favorite time of the day when my kids were younger.....bedtime. Yep - bedtime.

Tomorrow is Saturday.  Since Olivia has created me all kinds of lists (favorite foods, movies etc) I think I'll compile a list of chores.  Sounds about right doesn't it?

Favorite quotes of the day:
Amelia - "My pillow pet smells like butt cheeks"

Olivia who just spilled her rootbeer - "Oh this is the worst day ever!!"
Splenda - "Worst day?  This is the worst thing that's ever happened to you?  Did you know that there are lot's of kids who don't even GET to have root beer?  Let alone the chance to spill it."

Yeah you can see we are just too damn old.

I think now that we are to the weekend, I'm gonna just invoke grandparent rules and let them do whatever the crap they want to.  

As long as they don't wake me up.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adventures in Babysitting - Day 2

First off - the Splenda Daddy gets a HUGE shoutout for being willing to spend the night so I could go to the gym.  One more night and then he's off the hook and can enjoy the sweet comforts of his own bed.

Did I mention it's cold?  Whatev's, I am eyeing the big garden tub with jets and a bath bomb for later.

As soon as I walked in the door after the gym I got the pants scared off of me by Olivia who was awake and strangely.....smiling!
"Smiling!?  I love smiling!  It's my FAVORITE".

There had been a donut extravaganza at the gym so guess what the girls got to have for breakfast?!?!

Bingo!  Nothing like some good old fashioned sugar and caffeine to get their day started off right.  They are also very good at following the rules of finishing everything we get served.

("my mom hates when I do this  - take a picture)

Once they were out the door, I enjoyed the big tub, got myself ready and proceeded to clean up dog puke.  I think her furbabies are a little stressed since Ruby had already puked three times earlier in the morning and now Jake dumped the entire contents of his stomach on the stairs.  Good times.  Been there, done that.  Dog puke is better than human puke.  I can do dog puke.

After picking up Amelia from school, I dashed home to pick up a few forgotten things, see my own dogs, clean the kitchen, see my own dogs, get stuff ready for pick up for Festival, see my own dogs.

And then it is back to the Shark's reef for some chillin with the littlest and waiting for the older girls to get home.

4:00pm and it all starts up.  One to dance.  Oldest comes home.  Youngest off to other dance.  Oldest doing homework.  These people are going to need to be fed at some point but looking at the itinerary, not sure when that's supposed to happen.  It's not on the schedule!  Feeling a little frantic.  Tried to call Splenda Daddy.  He's in a meeting.  No answer.  Huh.   Time to go to my stand by/back up plan.  Heading to McSlop shop.

Crisis averted.  Two of the three are fed.  Good odds.  Another dance drop off and pick up in the works.

I have been previously been assured that oldest can indeed direct me to dance studio.  After two missed turns and a "I think we passed it" and a "uh......" finally found dance studio.  Drop off/pick up success.

Bsck to the house and the littles. They are bestest friends, but even best friends have minor scuffles.  I instituted a new law.  If they wanted to tattle, they had to sing it.  Last night, once I explained that, Amelia decided she had nothing to say after all.  Tonight was a different story.  She loudly sang out "Oliviiiiaaaa  iiiiisssss noooooottttt lettttttinnnggg meeeeeeee plaaaaaayyyy the wiiiiiiiii!"  I didn't immediately recognize the melody but considering she was winging it, she did great.  Next time I give them the tune.

Awesomesauce I tell you!  By the time she was done, everyone was giggling and the problem resolved itself.

8:20, Splenda Daddy comes to be here while the littles go to bed and I do one more dance pick up.

Dude.  It's not almost 9:30.  Soooooo past my bedtime.  But I'm told that if I put the puppy out at 10:00pm she will be good in her crate until 7am.  I would really like to wake up and not have a pee soaked crate tomorrow so I guess 10 pm it is.

In the meantime, I am trying to wear them out.

( don't let their cute factor fool you.  Puking, peeing monsters they've been today)

Maybe I can talk Splenda Daddy into staying up.

The girls are so excited for the weekend - they think we're gonna do something fun.  Little do they know I have compiled a list of cleaning I need done at MY house.  Little suckahs!

Favorite quote of the day:
Amelia - "Don't forget your camera charger so you can keep taking pictures of us doing bad things"

*note to self- explain in clearer terms the game of 'punking mom' - that sounds a whole lot better than 'pictures of us doing bad things'