Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wrandom Wrambling for a Sunday morning

Just a bunch of random thought rumbling around in my head.

Do you ever notice that no matter what you say or write, that there is always that ONE person who always thinks it's about them?  Even when it's not?

Yeah me too.  Makes me laugh.

Chloee is ready to go back to school.  She talks about it every day, asks if it's time and talks about her teachers and classmates.

Me thinks she loves school.  That makes me happy.

The dogs got haircuts yesterday.  Shaved right down.  Did I mention that it's still rainy and snowy here?  That means that there were two cold and shivering dogs climbing under the covers last night.
That makes me happy.

Chloee and Poppa organized her room and cleared out some old books and toys.  Love organization.  Love clean outs.  Love de-cluttering.  Love drop-off's to the DI.

I think I have some sort of gallbladder issue going on.  Pain up under my ribcage on the right side.  Comes and goes.  I google diagnosed it and pretty sure it's gallbladder.  I've been eating healthy and everything.  No fatty foods.  Oh well, whatever.  No biggie.  It comes and goes so no worries.

I love my new camera - and according to most people, now I should find my old one right?  I really hope so!  If only for my memory card with all the pics.  I want those!

Skyped with Corbin last night.  Dude is getting HUGE!!!  Muscles on muscles.  I hope we skype again tonight and I will get some video for a Marine post on Monday.

Speaking of Marine's, my nephew is contemplating going into the Marine reserves.  He originally planned AF reserves, but re-thinking Marine's.  If you are my friend on FB - send me a message telling him to GO MARINE's!  I will pass them all onto him.  Nothing like some positive peer pressure eh?

My Canadian friend Wendy has taught me the eh? and I like to use it all the time.

Speaking of Chloee's school.  I was reading with her last night and she has some books that she has passed off at school and brought home.  I am astounded at her ability to read words.
We got out one of her favorite books about a shark and three little fish.  I listened and watched her sound out almost every single word on the pages.  I am absolutely amazed.  She is so smart.  I sing the praises of Challenger yet again.

Splenda Daddy made several prints of pictures of Chloee's mommy.  We are framing them and hanging them in her room for her to have.  We showed them to her.  She put them away and won't look at them again.  I don't know what that means.  She talks about her on occasion and we encourage her memories but she won't look at those pictures.  I am glad we have an appointment with a therapist this week so we can learn where to go from here.

Tuffy is not recovering well.  I'm more than a little worried.  Out of his pain pills, still in a lot a pain and do you think we can get a call back from the after hours service?  Nope.  He's tried twice.  Luckily, we found a way around the pain and he is coping, but I think I am more irritated at the fact that the doc on call can't take 5 minutes and call him.  Even if there is nothing the doc can do, just a call so that Tuffy isn't ignored would be nice.  Guaranteed there will be  phone call placed from Mama Bear first thing Monday morning to the appropriate people.  I am paying these guys - they have a responsibility to my son.  And their mission statement?  Yeah, there will be a phone call.

CRAP!  I just looked at the time and realize that if we don't hustle, we will be late for church. 

My random thoughts are now on hold. 
Maybe I'll come home from church with some great for a Spiritual Sunday post  : )


Missy said...

Great random post!
You need an ultra sound for your galbladder before you fold over.
Love that Chloee loves to read.
Sorry about the Back Pain...
Yes, call them tomorrow and let them have it!!!!

LL said...

Why do you keep writing about ME, M-CAT?


You're a lucky lady with an abundant life!!

Pedaling said...

that is not a fun surgery. I hope Tuffy feels beter, soon.

Challenger is a wonderful school. Not cheap, either. It's very good of you to make that sacrifice fore her to be able to attend. I know you do it without even a second thought.

I'm a bit bias to the Air Force- but oh, those Marines--what respect I have for them!

Hopefully, you have a few obnoxious sweaters for your furry-less friends.

Happy Sabbath!

Cherie said...

That is so great that Chloee loves school - sounds like she is a smart cookie too!
A bit worried that she doesn't want to look at pic's of her mom - I am sure it is still confusing and painful for her. For an adult it is hard to process, for a kid???
Poor Tuffy - You would think the Dr. would call you back - there could be an infection or a stray sponge (OK not really on the sponge) but surgery is surgery. Dang Doctor!!

gigi said...

Sorry for your cold and snow! That is really sad news. Sorry your son is still in pain! Obama Care hasn't even really started yet. Can't even imagine how bad it will and can get.
Hope yall have a good visit with Chloee's therapist and that he can help with understanding about the pictures.
And, poor dogs and our girls go back to school tomorrow and they are so ready! They miss school but had a fantastic spring break.

Cheeseboy said...

Is this post about me? Seriously? Is Splenda me? I have a feeling this is all about me.

carma said...

I agree with the first commenter, get that gallbladder looked at. You are the "rock" for so many people in your family :-) Stay healthy!

tammy said...

It's not about me?

I'm so glad Chloee loves school.

Really bugs me when I can't get a return phone call or they act like you're just a druggy wanting more pain meds.

I thought I was having gallbladder issues too. Turns out I can't eat avocados. Weirdness.

CountessLaurie said...

Okay, so I am pretty sure this post is NOT about me. This time.


You just keep your cold and snow on that side of the country, mkay? Or better yet, send it up to Canada, eh?

Thank ye kindly.

Diaper Diva said...

Nobody likes to be ingnored, especially while in pain. Hope he gets some relief. I kinda get a sick rush out making those kind of phone calls.

We are enjoying the cold with out the snow and if I could get a summers worth I would agree to be happy the rest of my life.

Mrs. Organic said...

That is inexcusable for a doctor's office not to give a call back (hopefully, it's a problem with the answering service and not the doc on call - either way, the office should know about it).

Your gallbladder needs to give you a break, goodness. And that Chloee is amazing.

Sue said...

I know sooo many people who have had gall bladder surgery recently..What the heck is that all about? I hope that's not the case with you.

I just love the difference you are making in chloee's life. Doing well in school means she is happy.

Hope Tuffy gets some relief soon.

" Hit It......." said...

I want to see pictures of your dogs! I hope Tuffy is feeling better. Good luck with the therapist. I am wondering if Chloee doesn't want pictures around her because it makes it "more real" regarding the fact that her mom isn't around anymore. Without seeing her, she can pretend she is away but not gone. What do I know? I am worried about her.

Mamafamilias said...

Okay, so I'm thinking being late to church is about me. Oh, wait. I play the organ. Maybe it's not about me.

Thinking about all of you, but mostly about Chloee and the pictures. Keep us posted.