Friday, April 8, 2011

The Living Planet Aquarium - one of Chloee's most favorite places!

We've been to The Living Planet Aquarium plenty of times and have a yearly membership.  It's a dream place for Chloee.  Now granted once we get her to Sea World and the HUGE aquariums on the coast, this will be peanuts, but for now, she LOVES this place.

Karalee came with us and we made it a girls morning.

Starting in the Utah area with fish, frogs and other things that are native to our area

Mr Frog was happy to smile for us

checking out the jellyfish

the starfish

the octopus

the lobster

Chloee - should we have lunch at the Red Lobster?  HUH?
(but aren't her lashes gorgeous?)

Lot's of kids to interact with as well.

Crush the sea turtle

Telling me about the sharks

Nemo and Dory

petting the stingrays'

Karalee is smiling, but can I get Chloee to pose?

Loving the stingray's.  There was a particularly friendly one that would circle the sides and flap his wings and seek to be petted.

An eel

Mimi - that is a green anaconda!

and Penguins!! She watched them closely and announced to those within earshot that they were farting.

Goofing around with the aquarium photographers!

What a fun morning - we spent about an hour and half and Chloee had a blast!
And with our membership - only two more times and it's paid for.  Guaranteed, we'll get AT LEAST that many more visits since it's one of her most favorite places and a perfect activity for a rainy, snowy Friday.


Jewls said...

That looks like so much fun! I am going to have to plan a trip for Z!

Cherie said...

I just read another friends blog who took her little kiddo's there the other day. It must be a great little aquarium!!

Kristin said...

I have never been and need to go!


gigi said...

That is so much fun. We had taken the GRANDgirls to the big Aquarium in Atlanta last fall and so when their parents took them to a smaller one this week on spring break they were ticked! "Gigi, they didn't have very many fish but they did have a big shark!" They know and remember.

tammy said...

Cracking up at her wanting to go to Red Lobster after. She is too cute.

Sue said...

I havent done that yet with my little ones..I need too!!

chloee definitely has great eyelashes.