Friday, April 8, 2011

This is the kind of family.........

that my cute Tuffy will be marrying into.
I have yet to meet Emme - but I love her already!

This is for you word to your mother

And day 3 after surgery, I came home from running errands to this:
She has lived here for the past 3 days and seen to his every need - even washing his hair!

Love her!

And I have a feeling that her family and our family will get along juuuuusssssssttttttt fine!

Thanks for the amusement Emme!


Cherie said...

"Me-OWWWWW" That was hilarious!! Undertones of Napoleon Dynamite in a cat kind of way....Meow!

gigi said...

Aren't you gonna be one lucky MIL?

tammy said...

Scat man!! Just pet me. Seriously dying.

Sure sign of true love is when you can take care of your honey even when he's an invalid.

LKP said...

AWE-to-the-SOME!!!!! :D

Mindi said...

oh. my. HELL!!!!

i am so very sorry it's taken me until today to see this--with my computer being wiped i didn't get my google reader up and going until tonight.

and, YES, i just watched both videos--which is pretty major since i usually don't watch anything longer than 3 minutes with my adult adhd.

who IS this girl? is she the girlfriend? i thought it was somebody named montana or something like?

i'm posting these to my chandi's fb wall--they are SERIOUSLY her in about 10 years.