Saturday, April 23, 2011

I think we got a player here!

Chloee has been asking to play baseball for several months. It was finally time to get her signed up for T-ball and then try to wait patiently for the first meeting.

Every day on the way home from school, we pass some ball fields, and every day she would tell me about how she is going to play.  To say she was a little excited would be putting it mildly.

With our three boys - this is just the nature of our springs.  We've missed it for the past several years so the thought of sitting at a ball field and watching again is pure joy!  And for the love - do NOT tell her it's T-ball.  You will be promptly corrected and told it is BASEBALL.

Of course it was extremely important that Flat Daddy be there. And no, that is not the pee-pee dance, that is part of her wind up.

Watching the others bat at the tee.  She is a quick learner just by observation.  And boy can she throw STRAIGHT!

And finally her turn to hit!

The coach and his wife are very nice as were all the other parents.  She is playing with another boy from her school, so there is at least one familiar face.

I love to see her excitement!  It reminds me of her Daddy when he was her age.  In fact he started at age 4 as well.  I love how lowkey and laid back it is.  The kids get to have fun while learning lessons about taking turns, refining their large motor skills, and working on their coordination.

Splenda Daddy and I will be glad to sit back and relax.  For so many years, he coached, I was team mom and we both served on the board of our local little league.  It will be nice to be able to actually watch undistracted and ENJOY!

Bring on the t-ball baseball season!


{Mo} said...

Miss Carlie is playing T-ball this year too.... but she isn't taking it as serious as your little Miss. She has enjoyed perching her little bum on third base and refusing to get out of the way as the runners try to touch the base! It's a good thing her coaches love her.... that would be me and my sis!

I'm haivng a love/hate relationship with baseball this year.... I have 3 kids playing in three different leauges and we are averageing 5-6 practices and the same amount of games each week which = CHAOS!

Pedaling said...

just like daddy!

tammy said...

Yay for T-ball! I mean, yay for baseball! I love T-ball more than the older years. It's the best.

Diaper Diva said...

There is nothing more entertaining or as sweet as a good t-ball game.Go Chloee!!!

LaurieJ said...

My daughter has a softball necklace that says 'you wish you played like a girl'. Your sweetie looks like she could use one of those! :-)

Now bring on the good weather!

" Hit It......." said...

I am so excited that she wants to play "baseball."

The Easter egg coloring pictures were darling.

Mae Rae said...

this must be so awesome for you. I remember a while back a post i had and a comment you had about missing the field. I don't miss it but am so happy for you to be back at the diamond.

gigi said...

I so wish my DIL would let my GRANDgirls play t-ball! They would love it. We play in the back yard and the have such a good time. I love baseball and the Atlanta Braves!

Chief said...

the best thing about T-Ball errr... baseball is the oversized shirts... :)

Sue said...

gotta say, I'm a t-ball supporter

Love little girls getting out there and having fun with the boys!! It's so good for them.